’s 4th Year Anniversary Wide Open-House / B-rad & Joya’s Super-Food Formulas’ Official Launch Tasting Party!!! December 14th 2013. 1-5pm in Sedona Arizona

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Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,’s 4th Year Anniversary Wide Open-House / B-rad & Joya’s Super-Food Formulas’ Official Launch Tasting Party!!! December 14th 2013. 1-5pm in Sedona Arizona

click on the blue title link above for the full party flyer and info and tickets’s 4th Year Anniversary wide open-house and…

B-rad & Joya’s Super-Food Formulas’ Official Launch Tasting Party.

PLUS we will have Raw Live Cultured and Seasoned Food for you!

Kale chips, Sauerkraut, Almond crackers, Hummus, Seasoned Sprouts,

Super charged local spring water and more in store for you…

ORMUS conscious cocktails.72 trace minerals, gold, platinum, silver, copper single infsuions

6 Electro-Medicine devices to try – Photon Genie and Genius, Lifestream Generator, Rife Frequencies, LEDs Ionic Foot baths

Do and Learn an invaluable 11 procedure Kinesiology self-balancing procedure by MHC at 3:30pm

Dr. David Jubb at 4pm speaking about photon light activation when you consume some plants 

Big deals on power pendants and NRG holograms!  Feeling is believing, try it out!


Sedona Arizona is a melting pot for geology, plants, animals, humans, healing, art and abundance

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I just moved here to Sedona, Arizona (nearby in Rimrock) in January and i have really fallen in love with this area for many reasons.  Personally, professionally, long term, health, lifestyle are some of the main reasons. That and drinking, soaking and swimming in great mountain spring water cold and hot.  Average temperatures are 75/45 year round and lots of SUN. I just love being here is healthy and it just feels good all around.  The air, water, landscape, energy and people are all noticeably better off here it seems.  Especially having been raised in Pittsburgh, and living most recently lived in NYC and LA for the last 12 years.  I graduated from major urban life proudly serving 12 years of very active civil duty 😉

To facilitate Modern Health, I recently got “work” driving 2-12 tourists in hummers and jeeps on a dozen off-road trails throughout the Sedona and Verde Valley area. I have been touring 1-5 times a day, 6 days a week, for the last 5 weeks .  I immersed myself in everything thing  Sedona, Arizona.   During this time, I have studied through a 3 inch thick binder i call the “Arizona Bible” of reading material on all local: geology, historical, archaeological,  flora, fauna, cowboys, Indians  odd stories, and lots of  informative area facts. Let me give you a mini tour of some very fertile immaculate lands I find myself in…

Arizona is the last continental state to incorporate into the union in 1912, the true wild west. 25% of AZ is national forest, another 25% is indian reservation. In 1902 by T.C Schnebly and his wife Sedona Schnebly, with 20 other families homesteaded and pioneered this area mainly ranching, farming, artisans, smithing, and mining.  2 to 4 million tourists a year come here each year.

Sedona spelled backwards is “anodes”.  Sedona is famous for its red rock landscapes, energy vortexes, off road trails, indians, cowboys and more. The red rocks are stained red from (magnetic) iron (settled at bottom of ancient sea bed) in the red sandstone, rusted in the air m the color red and attracting, like an anode, the energy or magnetism from the earth concentrates it here near vortex sites.

Hollywood discovered the beauty here in 1920 and since made over 41 cowboy and western movies here.  The cowboy artist club, a beatnik artist movement started here in the 1950s and a thriving artist scene still exists today. Jerome a nearby town, was the largest copper mine in the world for 100 years until 1950 when it went dry and then became literally a ghost town for 20 years until the hippies recolonized it as an art, music, jewelry and commerce community, which is what it is today. Flagstaff is near as well.

Sedona has over 220 miles of  hiking biking and off road trails, in its 500 square mile red rock area, located in the north eastern corner of the Mogollion Rim which is a 2,000 foot high edge over 100 mile long geologic feature that separates the Great Western Basin or Colorado Plateau at 6000 feet plus from the upper Sonoran Desert at 4000 feet elevation. Its where the desert meets the mountains. Its real green out here too  being spring time in the Verde “Green” Valley ~ land of AZ.

Indians lived here in the Verde Valley for 15,000 years! Paleo-indians hunted ice age animals in early BC gave way to the Archaic indians who hunted modern day animals in late BC. Then emerged a loos collection of peaceful tribes called the southern Sinigua who started to move creeks to irrigate beans, corn and squash crops. They built 6 story adobe homes in cliff sides; the first condominiums. They mysteriously disappeared(from drought, famine, disease, fight or white man on way premonition) in the 1400s. Then the , Hopi, Apache, Yavapi, Anasazi, Hohokum and others natives flourished here as well as other peoples scince the last ice age.  The Spanish rolled through looking for gold in 1500 and English soon followed in 1700s and put all natives on reservation in 150 years time since arriving. Soldiers pass was where General Crook came through to round up rest of natives on reservations.

Sedona is home to 4 major energy vortex sites here and a few minor sites. A vortex is where two energetic Ley lines of the earth cross each other. The Ley lines criss cross the globe in a geometric pattern when viewed from space. Where the Ley lines cross, great monolithic structures like Stone hendge, Machu Pichu, and the Great pyramids, and Celtic and Ohio mounds are all built, at the vortex junction! I believe to magnify the earths’ natural energy line aka ley lines for their ceremonies and benefit.

Some science behind the new age: The vortex lines of force are electrical and/or magnetic in nature. The electrical or +, or male, Yang is uplifting energizing and spirals up. The magnetic or -, female, yin is contemplative nurturing and spirals downward. Only Boynton Canyon is both + and -, it balances out your yin yang – badup bing tssh.

All Local Indians (Hopi, Anasazi, Hohokum, Yavapi, Apache, Navajo tribes,etc) never lived in Sedona proper, but just outside of Sedona, as they regarded the energy and this area as sacred and only came to Sedona for sacred ceremony and rights of passage.   Would you sleep at church? Native Indians traveled from as far as Montana and Mexico to come here for ceremonial rituals.  Some local white residents have moved out of sedona as the  energy was too much for them 24-7 to handle. it aint electro smog, i can deal.

So LOTS to offer and LOTS to do and its all happening!  contact me if you want to stay and check it out sometime. im offering tours, healing and reboot retreats all year. See ya on the trail…

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