5 Practical Ways to Raise your Frequency and Consciousness

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Five practical ways to raise your level of consciousness starting right now. For this article, by the way, “raising your consciousness” means expanding your awareness of reality, expanding your connection with other human beings and living systems, and deepening your sense of free will, liberty and being the master of your own destiny through applied decisions and actions. It is not just a “sense of self” but also a heightened sense of how your actions impact the world around you.

Here are the five steps:

#1 – Spend more time in direct contact with nature

Want to boost your conscious awareness? Turn off the TV, ditch the X-Box, and go hiking in a state park somewhere. Go trail running. Plant a garden. Or just take your dog for a walk!

Spending time in natureheightens your senses, opens your heart and expands your sense of connection with who you are and the miracle of creation. So make an effort to spend more time in nature, and if you can manage it,move to a farm or ranchwhere you can actually live in nature.
#2 – Eat more high-vibration living foods & superfoods

Raising your consciousness means raising your nutritional standards, too. You’re never going to attain a high level of self awareness if your brain is running on junk food, chemical preservatives and artificial colors. Those are things, in fact, that destroy awareness and cognitive function.

The highest-vibration foods you can get for awareness expansion arewild-crafted foodsyou go out and find yourself (in a forest, a field, etc.). The second highest foods are those yougrowyourself, usually in a home garden or a sprouting machine.

After years of studying and teaching nutrition, the pattern is obvious: People who live on low-vibration foods (junk foods, fast foods and processed foods) havediminished consciousnessand impaired cognitive function. They tend to have narrow, selfish minds and are incapable of assessing information from a wide perspective. They live on microwaveable dinners, they drink diet soda, and they vote for whatever political candidate the media tells them to. They are, in essence, “zombies” who operate more as brainwashed consumers than conscious human beings.

The junk food poisoning of our modern world is one of the most astonishing un-reported stories of our generation. I plan to cover it more here on NaturalNews, by the way, to reveal the links between the junk food supply and the downfall of complex civilization. For now, focus your effort on increasing your consumption of high-vibration foods, meaninglivingfoods, sprouted foods, wild-crafted foods and home-grown foods.
#3 – Clean your clutter to clear your mind

Is your house a jumble of clutter? Do you have so much junk stacked up everywhere that you only have a narrow pathway through it all from your bedroom to your kitchen? The more clutter you have in your home or office, the more cluttered your mind tends to be. Eliminating that clutter is key to finding some peace in your own home.

I’ve struggled with this, by the way. The situation becomes even more complex when you practicepreparedness food storagelike I do. As the boxes, cans and other gear stacks up, it’s not easy to get it all put away in an organized manner. The thing I’ve found that works best is a heavy-duty steel shelving unit (purchased at a local hardware store) combined with high-quality storage bins like these made by Akro-Mills:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0…

I use Post-It tape (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0…) and a permanent marker to write labels on these bins. The tape is sticky enough to stay put, but easy to pull off if you ever want to change the label. My bins are labeled with titles like: Flashlights, Batteries, Compass & Navigation, First Aid and so on.
#4 – Observe your decisions as if you were your own life coach

Instead of just making decisions and taking actions from your own first-person point of view — I want a cookie, I feel happy, I feel angry, I need a job — zoom out and take the greater perspective of beingyour own life coach.

In other words, view your actions and decisions as if you wereyour own consultant. If you have a particular outcome you would like to achieve in life, ask your inner consultant how that might be reasonably achieved.

For example, if you want to lose 50 pounds of body weight, improve your skin and experience a better sex life, your consultant might give you a reasonable course of action involving dietary strategies, daily exercise, and a reduction of stress. But when you view your life from your own (first-person) eyes, it’s tempting to say, “I want to eat a pizza,” or “I don’t feel like exercising.” That’s why letting your consultant have a say in your life is a wise strategy.

In terms of consciousness, the mere act of invoking yourinner consultantis, all by itself, a meta-level advancement in your perspective (and therefore, consciousness). To be able to observe your own actions from the perspective of an outside consultant is a necessary step to grokking the world through the eyes and hearts of other living creatures. It is the gateway to empathy, in other words, and empathy is the gateway to lasting peace.

War can only be waged from the perspective of “I” that lacks the greater awareness of connectedness among all living things. “I shoot you” is the mantra of modern warfare, and yet all by itself, the statement is illogical from a higher perspective because “you” and “I” are bound together in non-material ways that transcend our material bodies.
#5 – Increase your commitment to spiritual practice

No matter what your particular spiritual practices, deepening your commitment to spiritual awakening will automatically raise your level of consciousness. Whether you go to an organized church or simply practice your own personal form of spirituality, enhancing your commitment to that practice will reap rewards beyond the material.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you have to go to church to be considered spiritual, by the way. If God is everywhere, then he’s also in your living room. A church may be beneficial in many ways, but it does not have a monopoly on connecting with the spiritual realm.

For some people, a “spiritual practice” may consist solely of meditation or even taking a vow of silence. The point of such exercises is to turn your attentioninward, to better know your inner self as a step toward connecting with your “higher self” (or spirit or soul or even God), which is both divine and non-material. Regardless of the particular terminology or spiritual practices you prefer, deepening them will have a profound impact on your level of consciousness awareness in day-to-day living.

Remember,we are more than material beings. And there is much more out there than the crude matter into which we typically find ourselves entwined. If you are not spending some time each week exploring the bigger questions of consciousness, philosophy, life and the after-life, then you are missing out on the most important part of having a conscious mind in the first place.
In summary

Got all that? Here are the five practical steps again:

#1) Spend more time in nature.
#2) Consume more high-vibration foods.
#3) Clean your clutter.
#4) View your life as if you were your own life coach.
#5) Deepen your commitment to spiritual practice (even if it’s just a few minutes a week).

Learn more:http://www.modernhealthcoach.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=10&products_id=102

article by Mike Adams


Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen

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Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce

yes apples is the new #1 bumping strawberry’s off to # 3.  print this out and put it in your kitchen. Give it to friends and family. Know what your eating. keep asking questions don’t assume!

Dirty Dozen – Buy these organic

1 Apples

2  Celery

3  Strawberries

4  Peaches

5  Spinach

6  Nectarines – imported

7  Grapes – imported

8  Sweet bell peppers

9  Potatoes

10  Blueberries – domestic

11  Lettuce

12  Kale/collard greens


Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce

Clean 15 – Lowest in Pesticide

1  Onions

2  Sweet Corn

3  Pineapples

4  Avocado

5  Asparagus

6  Sweet peas

7  Mangoes

8  Eggplant

9  Cantaloupe – domestic

10  Kiwi

11  Cabbage

12  Watermelon

13  Sweet potatoes

14  Grapefruit

15  Mushrooms

The Diet Download, Part 2: Strategic Life Enhancing Food Principles

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The Diet Download, Part 2: Strategic Life Enhancing Food Principles
            by Modern Health Coach
  • Eat a Rainbow Rotation diet, that consists of lots of colors of the rainbow.  Don’t eat the same thing every day for years, go seasonal. Variety is the spice of life! You should have a diet of various raw organic plants all from trusted (hopefully local) sources.
  • Consume foods as close to their natural state as possible.  Avoid man-made chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, simple sugars, and GMO foods. Know the source!
  • Eat 70% alkaline foods that are at or above 7 on the pH scale (0-14). Think of pH as Horse Power; the more pH, the more power (energy) you have to operate at full capacity. The pH of your food affects your voltage; more pH = more voltage = more energy and vitality in YOU! You convert food into voltage to operate your 75 Trillion cells.  Eat a big raw salad and notice the energy afterward, compared to a burger and fries, no contest. Green machine!
  • Eat >51% of each meal raw! That will ensure you have enough digestive enzymes to assimilate your 49% heated or processed meal.
  • Eat soaked, sprouted, and fermented foods. Soak your seeds and nuts for 12+ hours. Eat lots of probiotic rich living foods like sauerkraut, Kimchi, Black garlic, Natto, Miso, Kefir, Lassi and Tempeh. Learn to make your own fermented foods, its easy, yummy and incredibly nutritious!
  • Peak small intestine time is at 1-3 pm in the afternoon. So perfect timing to eat your crisp and juicy green bowl O salad, with homemade dressing (Braggs ACV & liquid aminos, olive oil, Udo’s oil) fresh from your salad spinner. No siesta on this hi-vibe protocol….zzzz…. 🙂
  • As a general food timing guideline: Eat foods that grow high in the trees in the morning time; foods that grow mid and low level in the daytime; and foods that grow in the ground in the evening. Fruits for energy in morning. Nutritious salad for lunch. Starches like yams are good for sleeping.
  • Look up a Food Combining Chart, and know that simpler is better. Avoid combining a protein and a complex carbohydrate, or anything with melons Go for the fruit first (if at all), then lots of veggies, then a protein OR a carbohydrate, or neither. Google up a ‘food combining chart’ or email me for mine.
  • Sit down and don’t get up during your meal.  You digest your food better when stationary and resting legs (your legs are energetically connected to your small and large intestines). Walk to aid digestion, after you are done, sitting peacefully and chewing thoroughly in the moment.
  • Chew your food thoroughly (at least 20 chews per bite), it will make you fuller on less food and you will digest your food a lot better. FYI – You have more digestive enzymes in your mouth than in your stomach.
  • Just before you start making sparks with your silverware…take 10 seconds and say “thank you” to your food and “I love you”, and “I am grateful for your bounty.” Think you are able to use its’ energy to sustain you toward life and your goals.  You are what you eat.  This food on your plate will be You tomorrow. Bring the vibration of your food UP to Your vibration, not the other way around. You dig, hotdog?

Diet Download 1 of 2 How to: Eat to Live, and not Live to Eat!

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Diet Download 1 of 2 How to: Eat to Live, and not Live to Eat!  

  • Cut way back or eliminate all grains. And if you eat grains, opt for hypoallergenic grains (millet, quinoa and amaranth) that have been soaked, sprouted, or well cooked.
  • Eliminate all high omega-6 store bought oils from your diet. For low temperature cooking, use olive oil and coconut oil. For high temperature cooking, use avocado oil, grape seed oil, or rice bran oil. Supplement with omega-3 fatty acids. Max on the flax.
  • Eliminate all added sugars.
  • When eating fruit (preferably  in morning and by evening), lean more towards berries than tree fruit; they’re higher in antioxidants. But there’s no need to be afraid of eating tree fruit, which tends to be higher in soluble fiber. Prunes score the highest in antioxidants of all food!
  • Cut back or eliminate beans, and if you eat them, make sure you soak them before cooking, and then cook them well before eating.
  • Nuts are fine if you’re not allergic. Use whole fresh nuts that have been soaked/sprouted. Do not use pasteurized or “roasted” nuts — especially those roasted in oil.
  • Cut way back on white potatoes, but yams and sweet potatoes are okay in moderation.
  • Eliminate all commercial dairy from your diet. And if you do opt for some dairy, choose raw dairy despite what the government says — or at the very least opt for organic, grass-fed dairy.
  • If you eat meat, use only organic, grass-fed and grass-finished meat. And keep consumption to less than 4 oz a day. And don’t overcook it. (And here you’re faced with another conundrum if you eat commercial meat. If you undercook it, you face the risk of bacterial infection (see above). If you overcook it, you face the risk of cancer (see above). If you want to eat medium rare meat, you’re going to have to buy organic, grass-fed meat from a supplier you trust.)

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