MHC’s Personal QUANTUM ARMOR – Flower Power Pendants and Custom 6-Pack Energy Holograms

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MHC’s Personal QUANTUM ARMOR – Power Pendants and Custom 6 Pack Energy Holograms 1+1 =11

Here is typical quantum enhancement “bubble-liscous” shielding combo worn by yours truly the Modern Health Coach aka B-Rad.

Check out our rock solid sacred flower pendants  & NEW quantum 6 packs now with lanyards so u don’t lose that precious quantum card loaded with frequencies your body want and nuetralized frequencies you don’t want ot be exposed to.

image image

The best seller energy holograms are embedded with nearly 20,000 frequencies for health and wellness to be vague. Everything is energy that all resonates at specific frequencies.  We have the map the manual the power tools and the experience to deliver a A plus to satisfied customers of energy holograms 8 over 35 Countries just last year alone. People are liking these chips, in short

Also pictured is sacred flower pendant super charged as well with 3 layers of energy on power pendants.  8hz grounding frequencies,  strong quantum scalar charge, and FIR, germanium and quartz frequency stones.  I have muscle tested over 1,200 people with and without pendant and it is like me tipping over totem poles with pendant versus tooth picks without pendant on.

Whille the hologram card has near 20,000 frequencies embedded into the CD like holograms.
Truly next level protection and enhancement all day right under your nose… get yourself hooked up with “Works Better than it Looks” quantum combo at

This has been validated hand over fist, with hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers from your one-stop-shop, next-level-solutios center

Your Quantum and real world COACH



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MHC’s President’s Day Sale

Save your hard earned voting dollars on:

  • ALL Ambaya Gold Brand Liquid Supplement Products

  • Thermal Smart, Energy Holograms to keep your space warmer for less $

MHC’s Sale is Now … Until Monday February 23, 2015


Click here and Save 15% below’s deflated retail price, on what Modern Health Coach (MHC) himself uses for Nutritional, Detox and next level supplementation needs for 7 years now.  Ambaya Gold brand has 20+ next level Products ALL in a Fulvic and Humic liquid base, loaded with 83 +/- Trace Minerals, supercharged with ORME Technology, and made right here in Sedona, Arizona!

Zeolite Detox and Humic Fulvic Supplements with Platinum Transition Group Elements

Integrative Nutrition for Body and Mind

Ambaya Gold’s time proven and effective liquid supplements will renew, cleanse and revitalize your body and mind.  PLUS our trademark ORME Technology takes you to the next level in health and wellness!!!

* Combining proprietary Humic and Fulvic blends with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements and other vital ingredients, Ambaya Gold’s supplements increase your body’s natural renewal capabilities and overall wellness.

* They’ll help you feel energized, focused and connected throughout the day by supplying essential nutritional elements, which may be missing from your diet.

* They build and strengthen your entire system by providing key ingredients your body needs to maintain a solid core and reserve.

* All Ambaya Gold supplements incorporate a proprietary Humic and Fulvic based delivery system providing highly efficient uptake and usage by the body.

* The combination of vital natural ingredients with a highly effective delivery system has created the benchmark for liquid nutritional supplementation and Humic and Fulvic based supplements for over 7 years.


THERMAL SMART, Energy Holograms
Thermal Smart Insulation Barrier - Click Image to Close

Quantum Insulation Barrier for HOT & COLD!

Don’t let Punxatawny Phil, or Jack Frost bark up your tree this winter.  Act now and get ample amount of thermals smarts and slap them up to knock down your utility bills NOW.  Our amazing Thermal Smart Energy Holograms help keep you warmer inside your home and office this winter .  Buy 8 packs of 8 Thermal Smart stickers, 64 total for only $333.  That is like buying 3  packs totaling 24 Energy Hologram stickers, and getting 5 packs with an extra 40 Energy Hologram stickers for FREE.

Click here and SAVE Money on the amazing Thermal Smart Energy Holograms, that act as quantum insulation for HOT & COLD air and water.  Thermal Smart technology has shown effective by magically making users homes and offices warmer this winter (and cooler in summer) while saving you money because your HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Condition) furnace is more efficient and not operating for as long per day and year.  Apply Thermal Smart Eyeball stickers on your HVAC vents, Hot Water Tank, Boiler, Windows, Refrigerator, Freezers, Ovens, Walls and any place you could place insulation material, instead place the amazing Thermal Smart Energy Holograms.

MHC has personally seen and measured several times with IR Temperature gun, Thermal Smarts on HVAC make AC come out 8-15 degrees cooler and heat come out 8-20 degrees hotter!  Think of the applications!  On average a 1,600 square foot house could use approximately 16 Thermal Smarts on this sale.  So you got some extra “chips” to play with, so get your neighbors and family or large buildings lined up for a pre and post on-site validation of the technology.

MHC Affiliates… Listen UP:  This is a good idea if you own a home or a MHC Affiliate selling energy holograms at 40% and 20% commissions.  You can purchase an Infra-Red (IR) Thermometer on Amazon for $25 that shoots a red laser onto surfaces and measures their temperature. Or, you can also rent a $2,500 Thermal Imaging Camera (FLIR i7) from most Home Depots for, $45 for 4 hours, and $75 for 24 hours, and professionally document the effectiveness of this Thermal Smart technology for potential large clients that have big utility bills.

Stay tuned for more news and hard data from MHC’s recent pilot project with Team USA Hockey and the Thermal Smart Instillation results from two ice rinks in one 70,000 square foot Phoenix, Arizona facility that spends $22,000 a month on cooling costs (think ice in Phoenix as an oxymoron), we can help with that!

Ok folks thats all for now… Stay tuned in near future as:

  • MHC introduces Energy Text Messges, that are programs sent to you via SMS text, that turn your phone into a quantum frequency generating device.
  • MHC will have available ALL 250 + of his products AFFILIATBLE by manufacturer for 4-40% CO-MMI$$IONS. Sign up here while it is still free to do so.
  • Working on setting up more great next level products with Egyptian Healing Rods and Water Structurer for you and the world at large.

Enjoy LIFE and keep raising the bar, way beyond just happy hour please 😉


Vanilla Dream Superfood Protein is best yet product from B-Rad & Joya’s Superfood Formula Company

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Try our new B-Rad & Joya’s Super Food Formula’s Vanilla Dream Protein! Sprouted Brown Rice and Hemp based with 12 Superfoods & no BS! 18g of protein and 5 Fiber for $2.57 per serving. Good luck getting more nutrients, with better taste, at less cost, and more convienent.  Ain’t gonna happen and your body is going to suffer.  Get with this program, click on the clink below and order up some LIFE in a bag.

Tastes even better with our Vitalty Super Greens and Long-Jevi-Tea! Try the Vanilla Protein with our Tea for great taste and loaded with nutrition.  Serve cold or room temperature.  Goes even better with any milk, cow or nut.  Drink to your health, taste, convenience and cost!

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