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  1. Summer Sale …NOW until July 1st
  2. Arizona All-Star Line-up of 8 Nutritional Sources  
  3. Affiliate Program @ 5% – 40% Commissions on ALL 250 Products & Services, Coming Soon…
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  1. Blazing Hot Summer Solstice & MHC’s 41st Birthday Sale …NOW until July 1st
  2. Introducing MHC’s Arizona priced All-Star Line-up of 8 Nutritional Power-House Sources  
  3. Affiliate Program @ 5% – 40% Commissions on ALL 24 Shopping Products & Services, Soon…

Great to reconnect with you during this zenith of our solar orbit aka Summer Solstice.  This time of year also happens to be MHC’s recently past 41st Birthday on June 15th.  So, in the spirit of growing young as the day is long, and manifesting the zenith of your earthly (and beyond) utmost REALity…
1.  MHC’s top three most popularly sold shopping categories are ON SALE, NOW until July 1st!  

  • 22% OFF ALL ORMUS MINERALS (by Alchemdix) – Gold, Platinum, Silver, Copper, NEW Zinc, and 72 Ormus, made (alchemically) in Sedona, Arizona! Organic source, atomic sized.  Use coupon code when ordering: ORMUS22
  •  33% OFF ALL ENERGY PENDANTS (by E Force Plus) – Sacred Flower of Life, Sri-Yantra and Mandala sacred geometry in Titanium and 18K Gold. They work better than they look!  MHC has muscle tested 1000+ people in last 5 years with 99% people tested, demonstrating noticeably stronger muscle test results… and counting…              Use coupon code when ordering: NRGPNDT33
  • 44% OFF ALL ENERGY HOLOGRAMS – Frequency embedded holograms, try: 230 code Vitality, LED for pain and beauty, Sleep, Fuel – gas, diesel, propane, EMF Radiation reduction, Lyme Disease, Thermal Smarts, Voltron, Ormus and more holograms to help more ways. Note: MHC Affiliate Commissions do not apply to sales with Coupon Codes.  Use coupon code when ordering: NRGHOLO44

2.  Introducing MHC’s Arizona All-Star Line-up of 8 Nutritional Power-House Sources  featuring a potent, diverse and priced competitively Arizona ALL STAR line up of what 8 great sources including MHC that you need nutritionally, for that “glow and go,” inner-cellular-beauty that radiates:

  • Ambaya Gold‘s:  Sedona, AZ – All liquid fulvic and ormus based humans and pet nutritional line
  • Health Force Nutritionals:  Tucson, AZ – Industry go-to and Premiere brand that goes way beyond organic standards.
  • Dr.David Jubb: Sedona, AZ – Superior Digestive Aids from 30+ year world re-known, raw food wellness pioneer and personal MHC friend.  Try his 14 day liver flush and LifeFood diet.
  • Dr. Patrick Flanagan‘s:  Cottonwood, AZMega-Hydrate and Crystal Energy water enhancers
  • Life Star:  Sedona, AZ – All fermented powder brand sold under authorized MHC names: Whey Cool Protein, Manna Future Fuel, Pro-biotic, Multi-Vitamin & Vitamin C
  • Organic MSM Sulfur CrystalsTucson, Arizona – Sold by the pound.  Sulfur is involved in 154 chemical bodily processes for cellular respiration, detox, energy, inflammation, digestion and more!
  • Alchemedix Ormus Minerals: Sedona, AZ – Try white multi-Ormus or isolates: Gold and Platinum for DNA and consciousness; Silver, Copper and Zinc for further conduction, pains, microbes, and parasites.  Watch what ormus minerals do on plant growth.  Kings ages ago used ormus before ceremonies to get back to the stars, aka home to whence we came.  

3.  Affiliate Program @ 5% – 40% Commissions on ALL 250 MHC Products & Services, Coming Soon… BIG News… As soon as Labor Day, MHC will have a website wide Assistant Coach (Affiliate) Program with commission payouts ranging from 5% – 40% of the Sale priceThe hugely expanded, MHC Affiliate Program will soon be available on ALL of MHC’s online 24 shopping categories (by Manufacturer)!! 

BAM! … an army of Modern Health Assistant Coach’s that are now able to purvey the SAME 250 premiere vitality and longevity Products and Services that MHC does, to help people thrive on through.  Plus its FREE to sign up, and you get a FREE online back office to promote and track your MHC sales and commissions, remotely anywhere in the world!  Stay tuned for MHC global network launch … 8>) 

Here is current sign up link for (now) energy hologram only affiliate program: https://www.modernhealthcoach.com/affiliates/modernhealthcoach/signup

Light trumps dark all the time! Love over Fear! Now go soak in summer zenith and get your Vitamin D and negative ion on! Talk soon… If you have questions regarding any thing MHC can help you live longer and feel better, please email or call soon.  Shine on you crazy diamond, it is high noon!  Coach out!

Your Modern Health Coach

Bradley John Mullner
Kinesiologist, Holistic Healer,
Health Coach,  Activator,
Environmental Consultant,
Ambassador & Distributor 
E-Mail: b-rad@modernhealthcoach.com 
Phone Home Office: 928.567.4042 
Skype: brad.mullner

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