About MHC

I am here to serve you toward your ultimate goal of glowing bullet-proof vitality and longevity for as much eternity as you can handle! I solve problems for a living! whats yours?  I have already gone through my Health Crisis (Trust me, Don’t wait!  Get ahead of the learning curve now).
Let me save you Time, Stress and Money and give you practical everyday tips that you can incorporate into your new radiant lifestyle. I will get you on the fast track if you want to get the edge, recoup from injury, or just feel good againMost common ailments have similar causes, such as over acidity, several stressors.
, cellular memory, and poor digestion, assimilation and excretion.
I have put together a incredible assortment of cutting edge products, services and information. Its kind of like a health hub where you can get unbiased and cross referenced material from cell to well.  I know superior air, water, food, supplements and attitude will get you well on your way.  But that is not enough in today’s toxic, stressful and out of balance world, so MHC employs modern health technologies with ancient truths to catalyze your journey to ultimate glowing health! 

MHC offers you a full line of effective body, mind and home products, 6 future spa services, kinesiology energy balances and alkaline lifestyle coaching.
I delve in the following areas of knowledge and practice these days:
Attitude means alotAlkaline Lifestyle, the pH-Voltage-Dissolved Oxygen Principle, Detox methods, fasting, cleansing, the New Biology, Meditation, Kinesiology, Energetic Balancing, Qi-Gong (Water Method), Yoga, Reiki, Breathe work, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Nuero-Linguistic Programming, Core stability and re-hab programs, Incline Bed Therapy, Somatics, Muscle Energy, Isometric exercises, Living younger Longer, Frequencies, LED & Far-Infra Red Therapies, Ozone & hydrogen peroxide, EMF exposure and protection, Color & Sound Therapy, Scalar Technology, Dowsing, Orgone and several other means and methods of healing and improving your life to its utmost potential…
I have a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Sciences and worked as an environmental consultant for 13+ years. On the ‘front lines’ of the environmental movement, I  have been exposed to too many chemicals myself, countless times personally deliniating and remediating contamination in the soil, water and air.  I even worked in and around ground-zero NYC. I also partied in my youth too many weekends and lived and ate the Standard American Diet S.A.D. So believe me, I personally truly know how it feels to be down and out, low on energy, emotional turmoil, suffering from recurring symptoms, and need detoxing and rejuvenation. In computer speak it’s: crtl + alt + del = reboot system ;(
I was adjusted hundreds of times by several chiropractors (at ages 15, 24, 28 ,33 and 36) for a chronic bad back from playing contact sports as a kid and a few trampoline accidents. I had an ice hockey injury in 2000, and had left knee surgery in 2003 to remove chips and never was the same until more recently. I had minor left hip surgery in 2005 form walking with a limp prior to the knee surgery. Also, I was in a severe car crash in 2007 totaled my 3 week old car, got rear ended and had major neck pain. boohoo waah! It made me stronger…
Since 2003, I have easily done 15 -20 and up to 30 + hours a week in modern health and wellness research to ‘right my ship’ and stand and walk normal without pain. I have been told by several doctors and physical therapist to “just listen to me and I will get you ok.” I was fed up, with “practicing”western medicine, scared I wouldn’t walk normal again, and mad that this had happened to me. So out of sheer necessity (my personal Health Crisis), i took matters into my own hands and thoroughly educated myself.  I turned my broad Environmental Science degree and reason loose on true health and wellness. I discerned the ineffective hype from the real healing modalities and methods. One discovered healing modality led to another and before long I knew how to “right my ship.” It took years of diligence and hard-at-first lifestyle changes, but i learned and practiced what i needed to evolve. I overcame alot of doubt, fear, pain, money, time, focus it sucked i broke down. Only to get back up stonger. To be or not to be? what kind of question is that?  2B!
Claim what is rightfully yours….YOUR HEALTH! Learn how…contact me at modernhealthcoach@gmail.com
The Universe and I Thanks You for reading.  Real change is from the bottom up not top down. Be the change…
Check out my website http://modernhealthcoach.com
Please like my Face Book “Modern Health Coach” page https://www.facebook.com/pages/modernhealthcoachcom/107061716017114.

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