Sedona Arizona is a melting pot for geology, plants, animals, humans, healing, art and abundance

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I just moved here to Sedona, Arizona (nearby in Rimrock) in January and i have really fallen in love with this area for many reasons.  Personally, professionally, long term, health, lifestyle are some of the main reasons. That and drinking, soaking and swimming in great mountain spring water cold and hot.  Average temperatures are 75/45 year round and lots of SUN. I just love being here is healthy and it just feels good all around.  The air, water, landscape, energy and people are all noticeably better off here it seems.  Especially having been raised in Pittsburgh, and living most recently lived in NYC and LA for the last 12 years.  I graduated from major urban life proudly serving 12 years of very active civil duty 😉

To facilitate Modern Health, I recently got “work” driving 2-12 tourists in hummers and jeeps on a dozen off-road trails throughout the Sedona and Verde Valley area. I have been touring 1-5 times a day, 6 days a week, for the last 5 weeks .  I immersed myself in everything thing  Sedona, Arizona.   During this time, I have studied through a 3 inch thick binder i call the “Arizona Bible” of reading material on all local: geology, historical, archaeological,  flora, fauna, cowboys, Indians  odd stories, and lots of  informative area facts. Let me give you a mini tour of some very fertile immaculate lands I find myself in…

Arizona is the last continental state to incorporate into the union in 1912, the true wild west. 25% of AZ is national forest, another 25% is indian reservation. In 1902 by T.C Schnebly and his wife Sedona Schnebly, with 20 other families homesteaded and pioneered this area mainly ranching, farming, artisans, smithing, and mining.  2 to 4 million tourists a year come here each year.

Sedona spelled backwards is “anodes”.  Sedona is famous for its red rock landscapes, energy vortexes, off road trails, indians, cowboys and more. The red rocks are stained red from (magnetic) iron (settled at bottom of ancient sea bed) in the red sandstone, rusted in the air m the color red and attracting, like an anode, the energy or magnetism from the earth concentrates it here near vortex sites.

Hollywood discovered the beauty here in 1920 and since made over 41 cowboy and western movies here.  The cowboy artist club, a beatnik artist movement started here in the 1950s and a thriving artist scene still exists today. Jerome a nearby town, was the largest copper mine in the world for 100 years until 1950 when it went dry and then became literally a ghost town for 20 years until the hippies recolonized it as an art, music, jewelry and commerce community, which is what it is today. Flagstaff is near as well.

Sedona has over 220 miles of  hiking biking and off road trails, in its 500 square mile red rock area, located in the north eastern corner of the Mogollion Rim which is a 2,000 foot high edge over 100 mile long geologic feature that separates the Great Western Basin or Colorado Plateau at 6000 feet plus from the upper Sonoran Desert at 4000 feet elevation. Its where the desert meets the mountains. Its real green out here too  being spring time in the Verde “Green” Valley ~ land of AZ.

Indians lived here in the Verde Valley for 15,000 years! Paleo-indians hunted ice age animals in early BC gave way to the Archaic indians who hunted modern day animals in late BC. Then emerged a loos collection of peaceful tribes called the southern Sinigua who started to move creeks to irrigate beans, corn and squash crops. They built 6 story adobe homes in cliff sides; the first condominiums. They mysteriously disappeared(from drought, famine, disease, fight or white man on way premonition) in the 1400s. Then the , Hopi, Apache, Yavapi, Anasazi, Hohokum and others natives flourished here as well as other peoples scince the last ice age.  The Spanish rolled through looking for gold in 1500 and English soon followed in 1700s and put all natives on reservation in 150 years time since arriving. Soldiers pass was where General Crook came through to round up rest of natives on reservations.

Sedona is home to 4 major energy vortex sites here and a few minor sites. A vortex is where two energetic Ley lines of the earth cross each other. The Ley lines criss cross the globe in a geometric pattern when viewed from space. Where the Ley lines cross, great monolithic structures like Stone hendge, Machu Pichu, and the Great pyramids, and Celtic and Ohio mounds are all built, at the vortex junction! I believe to magnify the earths’ natural energy line aka ley lines for their ceremonies and benefit.

Some science behind the new age: The vortex lines of force are electrical and/or magnetic in nature. The electrical or +, or male, Yang is uplifting energizing and spirals up. The magnetic or -, female, yin is contemplative nurturing and spirals downward. Only Boynton Canyon is both + and -, it balances out your yin yang – badup bing tssh.

All Local Indians (Hopi, Anasazi, Hohokum, Yavapi, Apache, Navajo tribes,etc) never lived in Sedona proper, but just outside of Sedona, as they regarded the energy and this area as sacred and only came to Sedona for sacred ceremony and rights of passage.   Would you sleep at church? Native Indians traveled from as far as Montana and Mexico to come here for ceremonial rituals.  Some local white residents have moved out of sedona as the  energy was too much for them 24-7 to handle. it aint electro smog, i can deal.

So LOTS to offer and LOTS to do and its all happening!  contact me if you want to stay and check it out sometime. im offering tours, healing and reboot retreats all year. See ya on the trail…


22 Positive Habits of Happy People and 4 Tips to Health

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26 Positive Habits of Happy People

What’s the secret to being happy? You can learn how to do it, just as you can learn any other skill. Those who are happy tend to follow a certain set of habits that create peace in their lives; if you learn to apply these habits in your own life, there’s a good chance you’ll be happy too.

The featured article compiled 22 such behaviors and 4 tips that you can use to enhance your life and your happiness:1

1. Let go of grudges

Forgiving and forgetting is necessary for your own happiness, as holding a grudge means you’re also holding onto resentment, anger, hurt and other negative emotions that are standing in the way of your own happiness. Letting go of a grudge frees you from negativity and allows more space for positive emotions to fill in.

2. Treat everyone with kindness

Kindness is not only contagious, it’s also proven to make you happier. When you’re kind to others, your brain produces feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters like serotonin and you’re able to build strong relationships with others, fostering positive feelings all around.

3. Regard your problems as challenges

Change your internal dialogue so that anytime you have a “problem” you view it as a challenge or a new opportunity to change your life for the better. Eliminate the word “problem” from your mind entirely.

4. Express gratitude for what you have

People who are thankful for what they have are better able to cope with stress, have more positive emotions, and are better able to reach their goals. The best way to harness the positive power of gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal or list, where you actively write down exactly what you’re grateful for each day. Doing so has been linked to happier moods, greater optimism and even better physical health.

5. Dream big

Go ahead and dream big, as you’ll be more likely to accomplish your goals. Rather than limiting yourself, when you dream big you’re opening your mind to a more optimistic, positive state where you have the power to achieve virtually anything you desire.

6. Don’t sweat the small stuff

If the issue you’re mad about will be irrelevant a year, a month, a week or even a day from now, why sweat it? Happy people know how to let life’s daily irritations roll off their back.

7. Speak well of others

It may be tempting to gather around the office water cooler to get and give the daily gossip, but talking negatively about others is like taking a bath in negative emotions; your body soaks them up. Instead, make it a point to only say positive, nice words about other people, and you’ll help foster more positive thinking in your own life as well.

8. Avoid making excuses

It’s easy to blame others for your life’s failures, but doing so means you’re unlikely to rise past them. Happy people take responsibility for their mistakes and missteps, then use the failure as an opportunity to change for the better.

9. Live in the present

Allow yourself to be immersed in whatever it is you’re doing right now, and take time to really be in the present moment. Avoid replaying past negative events in your head or worrying about the future; just savor what’s going on in your life now.

10. Wake up at the same time every morning

Getting up at the same time every day (preferably an early time) is deceptively simple. Doing so will help regulate your circadian rhythm so you’ll have an easier time waking and likely feel more energized. Plus, the habit of rising early every day is one shared by many successful people, as it enhances your productivity and focus.

11. Don’t compare yourself to others

Your life is unique, so don’t measure your own worth by comparing yourself to those around you. Even regarding yourself as better than your peers is detrimental to your happiness, as you’re fostering judgmental feelings and an unhealthy sense of superiority. Measure your own success based on your progress alone, not that of others.

12. Surround yourself with positive people

The saying “misery loves company” is entirely true. That’s why you need to choose friends who are optimistic and happy themselves, as you will be surrounded with positive energy.

13. Realize that you don’t need others’ approval

It’s important to follow your own dreams and desires without letting naysayers stand in your way. It’s fine to seek others’ opinions, but happy people stay true to their own hearts and don’t get bogged down with the need for outside approval.

14. Take time to listen

Listening helps you soak in the wisdom of others and allows you to quiet your own mind at the same time. Intense listening can help you feel content while helping you gain different perspectives.

15. Nurture social relationships

Positive social relationships are a key to happiness, so be sure you make time to visit with friends, family and your significant other.

16. Meditate

Meditation helps you keep your mind focused, calms your nerves and supports inner peace. Research shows it can even lead to physical changes in your brain that make you happier.

17. Eat well

What you eat directly impacts your mood and energy levels in both the short and long term. Whereas eating right can prime your body and brain to be in a focused, happy state, eating processed junk foods will leave you sluggish and prone to chronic disease. My free nutrition plan is an excellent tool to help you choose the best foods for both physical and emotional wellness.

18. Exercise

Exercise boosts levels of health-promoting brain chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which may help buffer some of the effects of stress and also relieve some symptoms of depression. Rather than viewing exercise as a medical tool to lose weight, prevent disease, and live longer – all benefits that occur in the future – try viewing exercise as a daily tool to immediately enhance your frame of mind, reduce stress and feel happier.

19. Live minimally

Clutter has a way of sucking the energy right out of you and replacing it with feelings of chaos. Clutter is an often-unrecognized source of stress that prompts feelings of anxiety, frustration, distraction and even guilt, so give your home and office a clutter makeover, purging it of the excess papers, files, knick knacks and other “stuff” that not only takes up space in your physical environment, but also in your mind.

20. Be honest

Every time you lie, your stress levels are likely to increase and your self-esteem will crumble just a little bit more. Plus, if others find out you’re a liar it will damage your personal and professional relationships. Telling the truth, on the other hand, boosts your mental health and allows others to build trust in you.

21. Establish personal control

Avoid letting other people dictate the way you live. Instead, establish personal control in your life that allows you to fulfill your own goals and dreams, as well as a great sense of personal self-worth.

22. Accept what cannot be changed

Everything in your life is not going to be perfect, and that’s perfectly all right. Happy people learn to accept injustices and setbacks in their life that they cannot change, and instead put their energy on changing what they can control for the better.

A Healthy Lifestyle Naturally Enhances Happiness

You may have noticed that some of the habits of happy people are one in the same with those that are essential for leading a healthy lifestyle – exercising and eating right, for example. Once you adopt a happiness mindset, and even before you do, embracing healthy habits will help keep your mood elevated naturally even in the midst of stress. Happy people tend to be healthy people, and vice versa, so in addition to healthy food and exercise, the following lifestyle strategies can also help to support emotional wellness:

  • ·         Proper sleep: Sleep deprivation is linked to psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and bipolar depression, while getting the right amount of sleep has been linked to positive personality characteristics such as optimism and greater self-esteem, as well as a greater ability to solve difficult problems.2
  • ·         Animal-based omega-3 fats: Low concentrations of the omega-3 fats EPA and DHA are known to increase your risk for mood swings and mood disorders. Those suffering from depression have been found to have lower levels of omega-3 in their blood, compared to non-depressed individuals. Krill oil is my preferred source of omega-3 fats.
  • ·         Regular sun exposure: This is essential for vitamin D production, low levels of which are linked to depression. But even beyond vitamin D, regular safe sun exposure is known to enhance mood and energy through the release of endorphins.
  • ·         Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): If difficult life circumstances and the negative emotions they create are making happiness hard to come by, try EFT, which is a form of do-it-yourself psychological acupressure. This simple technique can help clear your body and mind of negative emotions so you can implement positive goals and habits more easily in your life.

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