More Reasons to Support MHC Over GNC! GNC and Vitamin Shoppe Caught by FDA Misleading Public About Ingredients from China and Illegal Weight Loss Ingredients Used

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Read this article and get your “Shanghai surprise,” as Chinese sourced ingredients in products were deceptively not labeled properly by GNC and other big health supplement chains. Also GNC’s weight loss formula had illegal ingredients banned by the FDA. Please read on and recognize who is your friend (MHC) in your quest for the best in health and wellness and who is not (GNC)…

in case they pull the article it is copied below… this MHC blog

When it comes to ingesting supposed healthy ingredients in your body day and day out, it matters greatly to your overall health score what the ingredients are and where they comes from. Any ingredients listed from China are a red flag and should be avoided or at least double checked for purity.

Here at we have aligned our organization with 30 of the most premiere health and wellness manufacturers from both coasts here in the USA. So please for our sake support MHC over GNC. Even though GNC is from my home town of Pittsburgh, I have to let this be known to the public and reiterate my MHC over GNC motto. Now for obvious reasons as evidenced by the FDA.

So as companies get bigger and go public they are bound to increase profits to their stock holders quarterly. So that means those publicly traded corporations cut corners anywhere they can to increase profits for their share holders, and guess what it is at your fiscal and more importantly health expense.

I can look at any ingredient paragraph from a GNC product and blast holes in it and offer you superior alternatives or at least better options for your health and well being. MHC is not in business to sell you. MHC wants you to be aware and make the right decisions on how you can dramatically improve your health with the right choices based on solid information. MHC has done this homework for you so follow my lead please and lets get to your 2.0.

There are no shortcuts in feeling good (vitality) for a long time (longevity) and shooting yourself in the foot by ingesting inferior products is a waste of money and potentially worse for your health. The placebo effect only goes so far. So give your body what it needs from organic foods and trusted supplements from MHC

The Full Story –

GNC Holdings Inc. and Vitamin Shoppe Inc. shares dropped as the Justice Department, the Food and Drug Administration and other U.S. agencies intensified their scrutiny of the dietary-supplement industry.

Manufacturers of nutritional products including USPlabs LLC and SK Laboratories Inc. were charged by the U.S. for fraud in the sale and marketing of dietary supplements, the government said Tuesday. While GNC and Vitamin Shoppe sell products made by some of the companies, they weren’t charged with any wrongdoing.

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GNC shares fell 6.4 percent to $29.07 at the close in New York, while Vitamin Shoppe slid 4.9 percent to $28.19.

USPlabs and a number of executives were charged with conspiracy to import ingredients from China and lie about their source, the Justice Department said. SK Laboratories, which makes supplements for USPlabs, was also charged in the case.

GNC has been under scrutiny by state law enforcement authorities this year, and last month the state of Oregon sued the company, claiming it sold supplements made with illegal ingredients. At the time, GNC called those claims “without merit.”

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GNC said late Tuesday in a statement that it’s cooperating with the investigation and has “rigorous policies and procedures in place with respect to third party vendors and suppliers to ensure that they meet the highest standards of compliance and accountability.”

Meghan Biango, a spokeswoman for Vitamin Shoppe, didn’t respond to a request for comment.

The other agencies involved in the sweep of the supplement industry included the Federal Trade Commission, the Defense Department, the Anti-Doping Agency and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

GNC reached an agreement in March with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on its Herbal Plus products, pledging to test its supplements more stringently and follow FDA manufacturing recommendations. Schneiderman’s probe, which was also focused on retailers including Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Walgreens and Target Corp., sought information about the origins of ingredients in supplements and the health benefits described on labels.

GNC has more than 9,000 stores in more than 50 countries and bills itself as the world’s largest health retailer. The chain, based in Pittsburgh, sells vitamins, supplements and sports nutrition products.

The FDA regulates dietary supplements, though not as strictly as it does drugs. While new medicines require FDA approval based on extensive clinical trial data shared with the agency, dietary supplement firms don’t need FDA clearance. Instead, companies vouch for the safety of dietary supplements and whether the products do what they say they will, and they don’t have to share information with the FDA on how they make their determinations.

The rules require dietary supplement firms to evaluate the purity, strength and composition of their products and the FDA can consider a pill adulterated if it doesn’t contain the ingredients listed or is contaminated.

Read GNC, Vitamin Shoppe Drop on U.S. Scrutiny of Supplements on
Dietary aid shares sink as US moves against small producers

New York (AFP) – Shares of nutritional supplement companies tumbled Tuesday as the US Justice Department announced civil and criminal charges against a number of smaller, unlisted producers.

The department unveiled the results of a year-long probe into companies selling supplements that contained ingredients other than those listed or made unproven claims of their effectiveness in health and disease treatment.

The main case involved criminal charges against USPlabs and top company officials over ingredients used and claims made about its Jack3d and OxyElite Pro supplements popular in workout and weight loss programs.

Another eight companies faced civil charges, many related to unsubstantiated claims about the effects of their supplements.

Although apparently untouched by the investigation, shares of publicly traded firms in the industry suffered.

GNC Holdings plunged, finishing down 6.4 percent to $29.07, Vitamin Shoppe shed 4.9 percent to $28.19, and Herbalife lost 0.8 percent at $54.43.

Earlier, when news came out that the pending Justice Department would announce criminal charges in the industry, the shares of all three plunged much farther.

GNC shares have been under pressure since Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum announced in October she was suing the company over its sale of dietary supplements that contained the unapproved synthetic chemicals picamilon and BMPEA.

The latter is a powerful stimulant sometimes used for weight loss or as a doping drug by athletes.

GNC said in response that the Oregon suit was without merit and that it took action to stop selling products with the two ingredients as soon as it learned they were not considered legal by the US Food and Drug Administration.
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Stocks of nutritional-supplement companies dropped on Tuesday on reports that the Department of Justice would take actions related to dietary-supplement sales and unlawful ads.

Shares of GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and Herbalife were all lower on the pending announcement. GNC’s share price fell by more than 20%, hitting $22.64, a 12-month low. The stock rebounded to close down 6.4% at $29.05 per share.

UPDATE: The DOJ’s announcement is out now and it doesn’t name any of those companies.

Here’s the release:

As part of a nationwide sweep, the Department of Justice and its federal partners have pursued civil and criminal cases against more than 100 makers and marketers of dietary supplements. The actions discussed today resulted from a year-long effort, beginning in November 2014, to focus enforcement resources in an area of the dietary supplement market that is causing increasing concern among health officials nationwide. In each case, the department or one of its federal partners allege the sale of supplements that contain ingredients other than those listed on the product label or the sale of products that make health or disease treatment claims that are unsupported by adequate scientific evidence.

Among the cases announced today is a criminal case charging USPlabs LLC and several of its corporate officers. USPlabs was known for its widely popular workout and weight loss supplements, which it sold under names such as Jack3d and OxyElite Pro.

The sweep includes federal court cases in 18 states and was announced today by Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Benjamin C. Mizer, head of the Justice Department’s Civil Division; Deputy Commissioner for Global Regulatory Operations and Policy Howard Sklamberg J.D. of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); Acting Deputy Director J. Reilly Dolan of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)’s Bureau of Consumer Protection; Acting Deputy Chief Inspector Gary Barksdale of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS); and Chief Richard Weber of the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) Criminal Investigation (CI) Division. The Department of Defense (DoD) and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) are also participating in the sweep to unveil new tools to increase awareness of the risks unlawful dietary supplements pose to consumers and, in particular, to assist service members targeted by illegitimate athletic performance supplements.

“The Justice Department and its federal partners have joined forces to bringing to justice companies and individuals who profit from products that threaten consumer health,” said Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Mizer. “The USPlabs case and others brought as part of this sweep illustrate alarming practices the department found—practices that must be brought to the public’s attention so consumers know the serious health risks of untested products.”

During the period of the sweep, 117 individuals and entities were pursued through criminal and civil enforcement actions. Of these, 89 were the subject of cases filed since November 2014.

Criminal Matters

An 11-count indictment was unsealed earlier today against USPlabs LLC, a Dallas firm, which formerly manufactured highly popular workout and weight loss supplements. The indictment charges USPlabs, S.K. Laboratories Inc., based in Anaheim, California, and their operators with a variety of charges related to the sale of those products. Jacobo Geissler, 39, of University Park, Texas, the CEO of USPlabs; Jonathan Doyle, 37, of Dallas, the president of USPlabs; Matthew Hebert, 37, of Dallas, responsible for product packaging design at USPlabs; Kenneth Miles, 69, of Panama City, Florida, the quality assurance executive in charge of compliance at USPlabs; S.K. Laboratories Inc.; Sitesh Patel, 32, of Irvine, California, the vice president of S.K. Laboratories; and Cyril Willson, 34, of Gretna, Nebraska, a consultant to USPlabs, are charged with various counts associated with the unlawful sale of dietary supplements. Additionally, USPlabs, Geissler, Doyle and Hebert are charged with obstruction of an FDA proceeding and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Four of the defendants were arrested earlier today and the other two will self-surrender. Along with the arrests, FDA and IRS-CI special agents seized assets in dozens of investment accounts, real estate in Texas and a number of luxury and sports cars.

The indictment alleges that USPlabs engaged in a conspiracy to import ingredients from China using false certificates of analysis and false labeling and then lied about the source and nature of those ingredients after it put them in its products. According to the indictment, USPlabs told some of its retailers and wholesalers that it used natural plant extracts in products called Jack3d and OxyElite Pro, when in fact it was using a synthetic stimulant manufactured in a Chinese chemical factory.

The indictment also alleges that the defendants sold some of their products without determining whether they would be safe to use. In fact, as the indictment notes, the defendants knew of studies that linked the products to liver toxicity.

The indictment also alleges that in October 2013, USPlabs and its principals told the FDA that it would stop distribution of OxyElite Pro after the product had been implicated in an outbreak of liver injuries. The indictment alleges that, despite this promise, USPlabs engaged in a surreptitious, all-hands-on-deck effort to sell as much OxyElite Pro as it could as quickly as possible. It was sold at dietary supplement stores across the nation.

“This joint agency effort is a testament to our commitment to protecting consumers from potentially unsafe dietary supplements and products falsely marketed as dietary supplements,” said Deputy Commissioner Sklamberg. “The criminal charges against USPlabs should serve as notice to industry that if products are a threat to public health, the FDA will exercise its full authority under the law to bring justice.”

Today’s criminal charges are among 14 criminal cases prosecuted by the Civil Division’s Consumer Protection Branch and U.S. Attorney’s Offices across the country from November 2014 to November 2015. See this chart. Of the 14 criminal cases prosecuted during this timeframe, 11 cases against 29 individuals and entities have been filed since November 2014.

The charges and allegations in the indictments are merely accusations, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.


22 Positive Habits of Happy People and 4 Tips to Health

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26 Positive Habits of Happy People

What’s the secret to being happy? You can learn how to do it, just as you can learn any other skill. Those who are happy tend to follow a certain set of habits that create peace in their lives; if you learn to apply these habits in your own life, there’s a good chance you’ll be happy too.

The featured article compiled 22 such behaviors and 4 tips that you can use to enhance your life and your happiness:1

1. Let go of grudges

Forgiving and forgetting is necessary for your own happiness, as holding a grudge means you’re also holding onto resentment, anger, hurt and other negative emotions that are standing in the way of your own happiness. Letting go of a grudge frees you from negativity and allows more space for positive emotions to fill in.

2. Treat everyone with kindness

Kindness is not only contagious, it’s also proven to make you happier. When you’re kind to others, your brain produces feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters like serotonin and you’re able to build strong relationships with others, fostering positive feelings all around.

3. Regard your problems as challenges

Change your internal dialogue so that anytime you have a “problem” you view it as a challenge or a new opportunity to change your life for the better. Eliminate the word “problem” from your mind entirely.

4. Express gratitude for what you have

People who are thankful for what they have are better able to cope with stress, have more positive emotions, and are better able to reach their goals. The best way to harness the positive power of gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal or list, where you actively write down exactly what you’re grateful for each day. Doing so has been linked to happier moods, greater optimism and even better physical health.

5. Dream big

Go ahead and dream big, as you’ll be more likely to accomplish your goals. Rather than limiting yourself, when you dream big you’re opening your mind to a more optimistic, positive state where you have the power to achieve virtually anything you desire.

6. Don’t sweat the small stuff

If the issue you’re mad about will be irrelevant a year, a month, a week or even a day from now, why sweat it? Happy people know how to let life’s daily irritations roll off their back.

7. Speak well of others

It may be tempting to gather around the office water cooler to get and give the daily gossip, but talking negatively about others is like taking a bath in negative emotions; your body soaks them up. Instead, make it a point to only say positive, nice words about other people, and you’ll help foster more positive thinking in your own life as well.

8. Avoid making excuses

It’s easy to blame others for your life’s failures, but doing so means you’re unlikely to rise past them. Happy people take responsibility for their mistakes and missteps, then use the failure as an opportunity to change for the better.

9. Live in the present

Allow yourself to be immersed in whatever it is you’re doing right now, and take time to really be in the present moment. Avoid replaying past negative events in your head or worrying about the future; just savor what’s going on in your life now.

10. Wake up at the same time every morning

Getting up at the same time every day (preferably an early time) is deceptively simple. Doing so will help regulate your circadian rhythm so you’ll have an easier time waking and likely feel more energized. Plus, the habit of rising early every day is one shared by many successful people, as it enhances your productivity and focus.

11. Don’t compare yourself to others

Your life is unique, so don’t measure your own worth by comparing yourself to those around you. Even regarding yourself as better than your peers is detrimental to your happiness, as you’re fostering judgmental feelings and an unhealthy sense of superiority. Measure your own success based on your progress alone, not that of others.

12. Surround yourself with positive people

The saying “misery loves company” is entirely true. That’s why you need to choose friends who are optimistic and happy themselves, as you will be surrounded with positive energy.

13. Realize that you don’t need others’ approval

It’s important to follow your own dreams and desires without letting naysayers stand in your way. It’s fine to seek others’ opinions, but happy people stay true to their own hearts and don’t get bogged down with the need for outside approval.

14. Take time to listen

Listening helps you soak in the wisdom of others and allows you to quiet your own mind at the same time. Intense listening can help you feel content while helping you gain different perspectives.

15. Nurture social relationships

Positive social relationships are a key to happiness, so be sure you make time to visit with friends, family and your significant other.

16. Meditate

Meditation helps you keep your mind focused, calms your nerves and supports inner peace. Research shows it can even lead to physical changes in your brain that make you happier.

17. Eat well

What you eat directly impacts your mood and energy levels in both the short and long term. Whereas eating right can prime your body and brain to be in a focused, happy state, eating processed junk foods will leave you sluggish and prone to chronic disease. My free nutrition plan is an excellent tool to help you choose the best foods for both physical and emotional wellness.

18. Exercise

Exercise boosts levels of health-promoting brain chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which may help buffer some of the effects of stress and also relieve some symptoms of depression. Rather than viewing exercise as a medical tool to lose weight, prevent disease, and live longer – all benefits that occur in the future – try viewing exercise as a daily tool to immediately enhance your frame of mind, reduce stress and feel happier.

19. Live minimally

Clutter has a way of sucking the energy right out of you and replacing it with feelings of chaos. Clutter is an often-unrecognized source of stress that prompts feelings of anxiety, frustration, distraction and even guilt, so give your home and office a clutter makeover, purging it of the excess papers, files, knick knacks and other “stuff” that not only takes up space in your physical environment, but also in your mind.

20. Be honest

Every time you lie, your stress levels are likely to increase and your self-esteem will crumble just a little bit more. Plus, if others find out you’re a liar it will damage your personal and professional relationships. Telling the truth, on the other hand, boosts your mental health and allows others to build trust in you.

21. Establish personal control

Avoid letting other people dictate the way you live. Instead, establish personal control in your life that allows you to fulfill your own goals and dreams, as well as a great sense of personal self-worth.

22. Accept what cannot be changed

Everything in your life is not going to be perfect, and that’s perfectly all right. Happy people learn to accept injustices and setbacks in their life that they cannot change, and instead put their energy on changing what they can control for the better.

A Healthy Lifestyle Naturally Enhances Happiness

You may have noticed that some of the habits of happy people are one in the same with those that are essential for leading a healthy lifestyle – exercising and eating right, for example. Once you adopt a happiness mindset, and even before you do, embracing healthy habits will help keep your mood elevated naturally even in the midst of stress. Happy people tend to be healthy people, and vice versa, so in addition to healthy food and exercise, the following lifestyle strategies can also help to support emotional wellness:

  • ·         Proper sleep: Sleep deprivation is linked to psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and bipolar depression, while getting the right amount of sleep has been linked to positive personality characteristics such as optimism and greater self-esteem, as well as a greater ability to solve difficult problems.2
  • ·         Animal-based omega-3 fats: Low concentrations of the omega-3 fats EPA and DHA are known to increase your risk for mood swings and mood disorders. Those suffering from depression have been found to have lower levels of omega-3 in their blood, compared to non-depressed individuals. Krill oil is my preferred source of omega-3 fats.
  • ·         Regular sun exposure: This is essential for vitamin D production, low levels of which are linked to depression. But even beyond vitamin D, regular safe sun exposure is known to enhance mood and energy through the release of endorphins.
  • ·         Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): If difficult life circumstances and the negative emotions they create are making happiness hard to come by, try EFT, which is a form of do-it-yourself psychological acupressure. This simple technique can help clear your body and mind of negative emotions so you can implement positive goals and habits more easily in your life.

8 Tips for Eating Out

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8 Tips for Eating Out

1. Pre-plate your food at the buffet

Research by Brian Wansink, PhD, has found that when people load their plate at a buffet one time
only, they eat about 14 percent less food than when they take smaller portions and go back for more. You don’t have to sample everything! Take the stuff you want and be done with it.

2. Practice “hari hachi bu”

In Okinawa, one of the half-dozen places on the globe where extraordinary numbers of healthy centenarians live, there is a saying : “hari hachi bu.” It means push away from the table when you’re about 80 percent full. Practice hari hachi bu, and leave the table before you’re stuffed!

3. Say “No, thank you”

When I’m starving, I’ll eat the basket the bread comes in, the bread doesn’t stand a chance. It’s usually the worst and least nutritious thing on the table, the worst thing to eat first and the thing we tend to fill up on before the good stuff comes. When the waiter comes with the bread basket, I send it right back!

4. Split stuff

One of the things I frequently do at restaurants is order one dish from each course, soup, appetizer and entrée, and then split it all family style with my dining partner. (This also makes for a cozy social evening.) Alternatively, try ordering some
offbeat combinations like two appetizers and a salad, or soup and appetizer. With today’s restaurant portions, a “small” meal like that is more than enough to fill you up.

5. Hare dessert

If you can’t resist dessert, and if you can’t make yourself order berries, at least split the dessert with one (or two) other people. In some restaurants it’s almost a point of pride to serve obscenely large portions of things like Death By Chocolate. Ask for three spoons (or forks) and let
everyone have a taste. Some of these desserts are big enough to provide a nice little sample for everyone at the table, and sometimes that’s all you need!

6. Always start with protein

Protein will stabilize your blood sugar and help you
feel full faster, so begin the meal with the protein first. (That means the fish, eggs, beef, chicken, pork or turkey.) Many people find that eating the protein first acts as a kind of built-in appetite control for the rest of the meal.

7. Double up on vegetables

Whenever I order a main course in a restaurant and it automatically comes with a starch like potatoes or rice plus a veggie, I ask the waiter to hold the starch and double up on the vegetables. The vegetables taste great with butter on them, something you do not have to avoid as long as you can tolerate dairy!

8. Salad before going out

Research by Barbara Rolls, PhD, at the University of Pennsylvania shows that eating a small green
salad or a cup of soup before the meal caused people to spontaneously eat significantly less over the course of the meal. Low calorie, broth-based soups are the best for appetite control, think chunky vegetable or minestrone!


“This information is provided by Dr. Jonny Bowden, Straight Talk Nutrition For the 21st Century. Share the good health!

27 Aspects of Daily Health

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What goes into a truly healthy and vibrant person. Well, there are 27 contributing factors to varying degrees listed here, that all play a part in how yu feel. Certain ones will jump out at you, and focus on those to begin identifying bbad thought patterns . Then change the program and recognize when you slip back from these 27 Aspects of health..


Bedclothes, Sheets, and Blankets:  Is your energy being drained while you’re sleeping?

Books and Magazines:  Did you know that reading certain things can actually cause your brain to become disorganized, so that you have a harder time thinking?

Business Plans and Strategies:  If your body-mind-spirit complex is weak to it, do you think it has any hope of succeeding?

Cell Phones and Electronics:  We’ve all heard rumors that certain electromagnetic fields are bad for you.  Well assume it true your cell phone, microwave, radio, television, and computer are harming you

Chemicals:  Is it the planetary, industrial, work and household products that are contributing to your headaches or skin rash?

Clothing and Accessories:  Did you know that wearing the wrong thing can actually cause or aggravate painful symptoms?

Clutter:  Is that big pile of unfinished stuff contributing to your stress load?

Decision Making:  Do you sometimes choose to do something that you know shouldn’t, but you just “can’t help yourself?”

Drugs and Alcohol: Are drugs or alcohol standing in your way to optimal well-being?

Emotional Issues: Are certain emotional states wreaking havoc in your life?

Ergonomics:  Is your furniture contributing to your discomfort?

Feelings:  Which feelings are actually causing you to have more bad feelings?

Financial Abundance: Do you have trouble with money or other financial issues?   How do you know where to start?

Friends and Family:  Are you spending time with the wrong people?

Foods and Beverages : Are you having trouble figuring out what to eat or not eat?  How do you know if you have food intolerances?

Food Cravings:  Are you craving things that you know aren’t good for you?

Fumes:  Want to really know if exercising around those gas, oil, and car exhaust emissions are bad for you?

Goals and Plans:  Does your body and spirit agree with what your mind has come up with?

Health and Fitness:  How do you know what exercise program your body wants to start with? 

House and Home:  Is just thinking about your house making you more tired?

Job:  Is your job sucking the life out of you just by thinking about it?

Lighting:  Are your lights causing your brain to work less efficiently?

Mental Clarity:  Do you feel “fuzzy-headed”, like your brain just isn’t working?

Money:  Are your muscles getting weaker just thinking about money?

Music:  Did you know that certain music, even if you love it, could be having a negative, draining effect on your life?

Nutritional Supplements, Vitamins, and Herbs:  Every day there is more information about the latest and greatest supplement.  How do you know what to take? Trust your gut.

Parents:  How do you know what’s best for your child?

Pictures and Artwork:  Are the things you look at every day supporting or not supporting what you want for your life?

Priorities:  You’ve got way too many things to do, and don’t know where to start.  What do you eliminate?

Relationships: Could the relationships in your life use some improvement?

Shoes:  Are those old comfortable shoes (or new ones you are about to buy) bad for you?

Sleep and Energy: Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Do you experience lethargy and low energy during the day?

Stress: Is your blood pressure higher than you would like? Do you constantly feel pressured or under the gun?

Television, Videos, and DVD’s:  Which things that you are watching are having a negative effect on you for up to 30 minutes after you cease watching them?

Thoughts:  Which thoughts you are having are actually decreasing the flow of energy through your acupuncture meridians?

Toiletries:  Is your soap, deodorant, lotion, hair products, etc. part of what’s giving you that bad reaction?

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21 Pearls of Wisdom for 21st Century Ascension

By: Brad Mullner, the Modern Health Coach

MHC hopes this newsletter finds you and yours, on the upside this monumental time in human history.  As we transition from the Age of Information into the Age of Wisdom, and Pisces into Aquarius, and Dark into Light, we are entering a brand new world.  Let’s usher in the big change, by balancing our body’s, minds, lives, and planet.  Starting within and working out is the premise of the following 21 pearls of wisdom.  Please take these from my heart and mind to yours, to rise above the current challenges.   Look no further than helping yourself, so you can help more people through… Please share far and wide my 21 points of survival, thriving and ascension…I’ve never been more serious in my whole life!  One Love! Happy tails…

Accept that there is a higher order – Call it what you want, please realize that there are bigger forces in play than mere consciousness and the scientific method can grasp.  We strive for singularity (harmony, unity, and Source) in a dualistic world (heaven, hell, yin, yang, sun, and moon).  The sooner you put your ego in check, and acknowledge your higher-self, the sooner your life will manifest toward making your deepest vision(s) come true.  We humans reside in the 3rd dimension, spirit entities fly in the 4th and God is omnipresent in the 5th dimension. Our goal is to get off the karmic wheel and go home to infinite Source in this lifetime! God speed and holy shift!

2 Human potential – As above so below.  We are divine creations (made of water, fat, bones and minerals) with unlimited potential just beginning to be realized. We are in essence a toroidal energy field of sacred geometrical proportions and forms, seeking affinity for higher vibrations.  Few individuals over time have proven the full potential like Jesus, Buddha, Allah, and anonymous ascended masters.  They all have transcended this dimension and illuminated and enhanced our view of the multi-verse reality for us.  They maxed out! Monkey see monkey do, right? Most damage to people is self inflicted, get out of your own way and identify blind spots.  Know what you don’t know. Good deeds and good intentions are light years apart. Listen to your gut. Modulate your frequency.  Conjure up your mustard.  Everything is energy, anything is possible. Shoot for the stars and work your way back.

3 Truly Know Thyself and follow the Golden Rule – Delve deeply inward and figure yourself out. Treat others the way you want treated. Follow these 2 rules to the Nth degree, its Human 101.  Know what makes you tick so you can tick-le others. Think about what, why and when you think and connect certain thoughts in succession to know how your brain works and why you think those things then.  Gain inner strength in these two rules and radiate your white light core out and attract the right resonance/vibe to you, viola Law of Attraction. Don’t be off balance reaching, you’ll get hurt.

4 Clear emotional and energetic trauma – Please for you and your loved ones sake, get over childhood and past relationship traumas. Clean the slate. E-motion is energy in motion, keep it that way; don’t let it fester inside.  Deal with things as they come up and learn to vocalize how you feel in a constructive and civil manner.  Go to and look up ‘brad Yates EFT’ videos and tap out energies that no longer serve your higher good. Do it daily for weeks, takes 5 minutes a day and EFT (emotional freedom techniques/ tapping) is free. Talk, tap and yell it out…now.

5 Identify your weakest chakra(s) and take action to strengthen them – There are several ways find your weak link(s) (kinesiology, pendulum or quiz). You have 7 energy centers (chakras) that correspond directly to your 7 endocrine glands and energy zones.  Think rainbow. You want to be able to face the challenges and opportunities upcoming as a fully functioning energetic being, ready to ascend.  Root to the fruit and ground to the crown, you got to get up, to get down!

6 Detoxify your body – Babies are born with a dozen toxins at birth. Infertility, disorders, cancer are insane.  Start with your mouth and any mercury fillings have removed, rinse with salt water and silver daily. Reduce exposure to man-made chemicals, EMF Radiation, negative media. Instead: rebound, invert, sweat, and eat lots of plants and herbs. Eat light!  Chew well.  Exhale fully. Follow with organ cleanses (colon, liver, kidneys, parasite, and blood) and juice regularly.  Fiber and vitamin C is a poor man’s chelation. Clays, minerals, roots and oxygen are key too.

7 You are the cure – No doctor, pills, or surgery is going to cure the root problem, they will only manage symptoms. Your mind heals your body and your body fuels your mind. Take out the bad and put in the good.  Get after it from all angles physical, chemical, emotional, electrical, environmental, social, and quantum. Give your body what it needs, a rainbow rotation diet, pure spring water, fresh air, exercise, and love. Get and stay balanced.  It’s a fine line, at first.  Symptoms WILL fade away with the RIGHT procedures, protocols, nutrients and persistent focused mental fortitude. I promise!

8 De-Program and re-Program your mind – Dump the fear and breathe in the love and gratitude.  If you do not program your mind (with super + info) then the matrix style government, special interest globalists will program it for you.  Know your true history (before Sumeria), to plan your bright future.  The crap we learned growing up will leave you hanging.  Ultimate human potential is vibrating up to higher dimensions, and can be godly ridiculous.  Train your brain and mind to work for you.  You have all the tools you’ll need: mind, heart, a body and father time. Shine on you star!

9 Choose your thoughts and words carefully and constructively – You become what you think, and your words program those thoughts. Believe ~ behave ~ become.  Keep your head up and look around and perceive how beautiful life is. Take stock in yourself, and start with your thoughts and words. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. Think future present “I am becoming ____.” Its your choice to be + instead of -.

10 Find purpose, fulfillment and happiness in life – Life is too short to live out someone else’s expectations of you. The American dream is dead. Start or join progressive projects.  Finance and forge a dream that makes you have invaluable meaning in YOUR LIFE and give back to others two fold. 

11 Find your gift and share it with the world – Do what you love and love what you do. The Universe wants you to succeed in your calling.  Spread your gift?  Give it away.  Pay it forward.  Don’t think A-head, think for all the heads. Be creative toward solutions in making it work for you and others that have similar problems and desires. The more you put it out there the more it comes back.

12 Find wholesome communities in your neighborhood and online – Community is our key going forward. Strength in numbers, rally around causes. Birds of a feather flock together. Start local with neighbors and reclaim public spaces back. Make your front yard a garden and gathering place.  Barter for services and goods and find local repurposed solutions to your everyday needs or create them.  Don’t live isolated, watching TV and being zombified with fear.

13 Diversify don’t be so specialized – Be a jack of all trades, learn new practical skill sets. Metro sexual is out, revolutionary DIY earthling is in. It’s going back to the farms and communities for real quality of life, as the city life diminishes its returns to its members.  Slow it down, keep it simple and trim the fat in life. Be balanced in what you can do for yourself.  Our society is too categorized with vein derivatives of consumerism.  People can’t even relate to each other anymore. Our humanity has been surpassed by our technology.

14 Reach out and get involved – We are all in this together so, get connected to legitimate grass roots organization, and local events and artisans that support human rights over corporate rights.  Real change happens from the bottom up, not the top down, people drive change not government.  This world needs us to rally and pull our consumer card away from sinister corporations that undermine our future, vote with your dollars and efforts.

15 Massive focused meditation can change the outcome globally and universally – This is why no one can tell you how 2013 is going to be, it’s up to us now to evoke the change from fear to love. Our collective consciousness can alter reality and protect us.  A 3,000 person group meditation focused on peace for 2 months in 1993 dropped crime in D.C. 25%. This mass focus affect has been proven time after time; changing the outcome of reality with your mind. Imagine that!  Tap into a global mediation online or local groups and create change inside out.

16 Manifest the best, be prepared for the worst – Well there are serious economic, environmental, social and political instabilities as well as geophysical uncertainties on today’s radar.  Their impact could be modest or monumental. The good news is, there is also a projected DNA upgrade in the cards for our fledgling species. Open your energy channels now so you are able to transform fully and activate all the DNA possible in the near future. We have up to 12 strands possible and only 2 activated now. Some aliens have 3 DNA activated. The frequency of love and photons from the sun connect your DNA telomeres.  Dusk and dawn sun gazing enlarges your pineal gland and feeds you in ways.

17 Don’t underestimate Earth shifts – The earth is alive, know your historical geophysics.  All the worlds’ religious books all start with floods.  A widely expected increase in sun and galactic activity, increases earthquakes, which yield tsunamis.  Earthquakes and volcanoes have gone up 400% and 500% since 1973.  Atlantis and Lumeria did exist on the 10,000 B.C shoreline.  MHC has identified 7 geophysical and galactic forces forecasted through 2013 by various ancient cultures, mediums, NASA, and scientists.  MHC’s 7 Saviors are: magnetic pole reversal, pole shift, big sun cycle, Nibiru, a 50k light year tall Milky Way core blast, galactic equatorial alignment, and procession of the equinox’s cycles.  Evolution happens in cyclical spurts not gradually (sorry Darwin).  Ever here of Edgar Cayce’s predictions? He is the best psychic ever at 90% right?  MHC feels it’s going to get worse quick, before it gets a whole lot better, so once the dust settles know that the meek (that’s us) shall inherent the earth.  Bunker down and rise up, in mass!

18 Be prepared, for a month long camping trip – Don’t panic, consider it an insurance premium, better safe than sorry. Google up “survival equipment supplies list” and build it or buy online asap.  Pretend the power and water are out and buy accordingly.  The power grid and water grid are crumbling and are very susceptible to sun storms, galactic forces and earth shifts for the next 2 years solar maximum.  You don’t want to wait on FEMA for anything.  Have enough stored food until your seeds take hold.  Have enough gasoline, bottled water, food and basic living supplies. Have plenty of hand tools to work the land.  The local convenient store won’t be stocked in tough times.   Buy books, map, lights and have a plan and a backup plan.

19 Alien Disclosure – There are more stars in the sky, than there are grains of sands on all the earth’s beaches. Odds are with Intelligent Design, we are not alone. Some say there are 3,000 species of aliens on earth!  Look for the government to keep suppressing close encounters, free energy and human rights.  Uncle Scam still wants to be the big man on campus.  YouTube up the “SETI” and “disclosure project.”  Be leery the government will try and pose as good guys (they have holographic and UFO technology) and disclose aliens as the bad guys (aka the next terrorists). Listen to the real crop circle artists, they know and care about our future.  Over 3,000 crop circles and a million UFO sightings cant all lie. NASA is like the Federal Reserve, private.

20 Question Authority – The government is not your friend, they have been hijacked by globalist elite illuminati NWO types.  The same 12 shadowy families rule the earth. Watch the movie Thrive free online, for power pyramid scheme and more. Since the staged 9/11, spawn the Patriot Act, our bill of rights is being erased.  The military can now take away you, your water, your stored food and your farm equipment without question. Why recently have over 117 world re-known scientists died mysteriously?  Technology and human suppression is alive and well, follow the money trail to find guilty parties pulling the strings. Ease up on the fluoride people.  Use the internet to call them out, enough is enough!  Practice common or maritime law.

21 Do your own research to find your answers – You have the world at your fingers. Knowledge is power. You just need right info to make good decision.  Don’t trust the easy quick answer. Dig for the treasure.  Consider the source.  I find Google and YouTube video searches a good start. Check out my links page for a trusted start


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Stress is something we all experience, but we do have control over it. The basic teaching of

Buddhism is, “Pain is part of life, but suffering is optional.” What you do with stress makes all the difference. Here are 21 ways you can transform the quality of your life by reducing your stress and creating more peace, joy and happiness.

1. Adjust your attitude and choose to be happy. Abraham Lincoln once said, “People are about as happy as they make their mind up to be.” When you wake up, before you even get out of bed, think about what you have to be grateful for. Who are the people you love and who loves you? When faced with a challenge, ask yourself, “What’s great about this and what opportunities does this give me?” Decide that you’re going to have a great day. Don’t dwell on the past or future; just focus on what you have right now to be thankful for and the universe will bring you more of that. Whatever you focus on

you’ll attract.

2. Take ten deep breaths. To boost brain function, assist emotional balance and stimulate creative thinking, you can do the following alternate nostril breathing technique, which helps balance the right and left sides of the brain.

a. Completely exhale and then close your right nostril with your thumb and breathe in a full breath through your left nostril for a count of 5. Let your abdomen expand as you breathe in. Hold the breath a count of 20, or as long as you can if that is not comfortable.

b. Now close the left nostril with your ring finger and little finger and exhale completely for a count of 10 letting your abdomen relax back in.

c. Inhale a full breath through the right nostril and hold for a count of 20.

d. Exhale a count of 10 through the left nostril, again closing your right nostril with your thumb.

e. Repeat steps a – d for 10 breaths or five minutes and experience the benefits.

3. Maintain a balanced, nutritious diet, including fresh, whole foods and lean, quality protein. Have 70% of your diet consist of alkalizing foods such as sprouts, green leafy  and fibrous vegetables, legumes and beans, avocados, tomatoes, lemons, limes, grapefruit, soaked almonds, fish oils, flax seed and olive oil. Avoid or eat sparingly highly acidic foods such as alcohol, coffee, sugar and artificial sweeteners, pork, beef, cheese and condiments, especially vinegar and soy sauce.

4. Get seven hours of restful sleep, ideally going to bed by 10 o’clock. Have your last meal several hours before bed so you have plenty of time to digest it. Don’t watch TV right before going to bed, especially the news. Play soothing music and take a warm bath. You may find it helpful to take nutritional supplements like calcium, magnesium, melatonin, amino acids and other nutrients that stimulate the sleep cycle.

5. Take regular breaks at work. Get up and take a walk letting your arms swing, which stimulates the brain and helps free up the spine. Do neck and shoulder rolls every hour.  Focus on something else, like natural beauty around you or something that uplifts you.

6. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. The average person sweats and/or urinates approximately 2.5 quarts or 80 oz. of water every day. A good guide is to drink½ ounce of water for every pound of body weight. Water flushes toxins out of your body and keeps you hydrated—essential to clear thinking and optimal health! Make sure to drink purified water, not tap water. A good bottled water is Essentia, which has a high pH to alkalize the body.

7. Exercise. Do aerobic exercise such as biking, running or swimming where you are working up a sweat, but are not out of breath – a rate where you could carry on a conversation. Besides increasing your energy and endurance, it normalizes levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), insulin, blood glucose, growth hormone (and others), and puts more oxygen into your brain. It also stimulates your serotonin and endorphin levels, which make you feel happy and peaceful.

Also do some strength training, such as weight lifting, power yoga or palates. This increases your metabolism, builds stronger bones and increases your dopamine levels, which gives you more drive and motivation. Finish your exercise with some stretching, which enhances circulation of blood, lymph and chi, the essential energy that runs the body and keeps us healthy.

8. Learn to let go of things out of your control. Next time you find yourself getting upset by something that’s out of your control, take a deep breath and affirm, “I am going to let this go.” Then visualize something pleasant or think about someone you are grateful for.

9. Meditate. Let meditation be your medication. Take five to thirty minutes once or twice a day to focus on your breath or a peaceful sound or scene. Your eyes can be open, but most people find it easier to do with eyes closed. When you notice your mind wander, simply bring it back to your object of meditation. This helps soothe the mind and body and produce a sense of well-being. It also stimulates serotonin levels, which when low causes depression. You may find a deeper connection to your core self, that part of you  that is connected to spirit and the essence of all things. Teilhard de Chardin reminds us that, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

10. Laugh a lot. In his book Anatomy of an Illness, Norman Cousins describes how he discovered that laughter is one of the keys to helping rebuild the adrenals, the little glands that sit on top of your kidneys, and are responsible for helping your body respond to stress. Watch funny movies, read humorous books, go to a comedy club. After all, laughter is the best medicine!

11. Avoid CATS: caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and sugar. These throw the body out of balance and can lead to addiction and other problems. They are highly acidic, which  eats away at your body and contributes to illness and disease.

12. Do nothing at all. Schedule down time into every week (every day if you can). Putter around the house, take a leisurely stroll, and spend this time doing whatever you feel like without worrying about being productive.

13. Do something you love to do that gets you totally in the present. Maybe it is playing music, doing art or some creative outlet where you feel invigorated afterward.

14. Calm yourself with soothing music, aromatherapy, a massage or a leisurely bath. A warm bath helps increase circulation to the skin and relaxes the muscles. Add a few drops of pine needle essence, oil of eucalyptus, or soothing lavender oil.

15. Develop loving, honest and supportive relationships. Dr. Kenneth Pelletier, in his research of people who live over 100 years, found this a common element of this

population. Studies of people who had terminal cancer found that those who were partof a support group lived twice as long as those with the same cancer who were not part of such a group. Let people know you appreciate them and show interest in them.

16. Transform fear and negative beliefs. Fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real! As Franklin Roosevelt put it, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” You can clear the emotional charge and mental programming of a fear or negative belief, as well as reprogram your mind to adopt positive emotions and beliefs. It begins with accepting and loving the part of yourself that is experiencing these emotions. Whatever you resist will persist, so just notice or witness your emotions and thoughts without resisting them or reacting to them. Then do the following procedure:

While tapping on an acupressure point on the little finger side of the outside of either hand, say three times, “Even though I have this fear of (or belief that)… (whatever the fear or belief is), I deeply and completely love and accept myself and I now choose to … (the new emotions or beliefs you want to experience). Feel those positive emotions as you repeat this. For example, “Even though I am afraid of rejection and believe I am not good enough, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and I now choose to  feel confident and believe that I am worthy of achieving this goal.”

By tapping this acupressure point while repeating this affirmation, it creates a very high  field of energy to interrupt the old pattern and program the new way of being deeply into your identity and subconscious. Do this whenever doubts or fears arise and you will notice that the energy and power of your goals and visions will become increasingly  stronger and your fears and doubts will loose their grip over you.

17. Forgive yourself and others. When you hold resentment towards another it is like taking poison and hoping that the other person will die. Even though they may have been mean or cruel and unjust, it does you physical and emotional harm to dwell on this.  An affirmation you can use is, “Even though this person treated me unjustly, I now choose to forgive them and release all negativity towards them.” Feel the sense of relief and freedom that comes from this. For yourself it is important to release all guilt and shame, as these toxic emotions can eat away at you and undermine your health, happiness and quality of life. Realize that your actions from the past were the best you could do with the resources you had at that time.  If you made a mistake choose to accept it, take the lesson you have received from it and move on. You can use the technique in number 16, tapping on the side of your hand and saying, “Even though I (whatever it is that you are beating yourself up about) I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

18. Supplement with essential nutrients that may be missing in your diet. The most common nutritional deficiency is essential fatty acids, which are oils found in fish and  vegetables. Omega 3’s found in fish oil and flax seed oil are anti-inflammatory, which  are particularly deficient in most people. Udo’s Oil contains these and it is found in your health food store. Take 1 tablespoon per 50 pounds of body weight each day.  Also you may find it helpful to take a multiple vitamin and minerals, including a trace

mineral complex that has selenium and zinc. Amino acid supplements can also help balance brain chemistry and hormones, which are built of essential fatty acids and amino acids.

19. Read inspiring books and watch uplifting movies. This can give you a model of how someone else overcame his or her difficulties and challenges to inspire you to greatness.  Some excellent movies are Braveheart, Benny and Joon, Gandhi, Miracle, Shawshank Redemption, Rudi, Dead Poet’s Society and The Secret. Some great books are Awaken the Giant Within, by Anthony Robbins, Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl,The Diary of Anne Frank, The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, Out on a Limb, by Shirley MacLaine and the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.

20. Go to personal development seminars and listen to audio programs. Growth is one of the six psychological human needs. Many people find their lives are changed through attending seminars, which can provide a deeply transformational experience. You can turn your car into a university by listening to audio programs while you drive. Programs by Tony Robbins, Marianne Williamson, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and Cheryl Richardson are just a few that you will find of tremendous value.

21. Contribute to others. It was the great doctor Albert Schweitzer who said, “Those of you who are truly happy are those of you who have sought and found a way to serve.”  While in his thirties, Schweitzer gave up a thriving career as a concert organist in Europe to attend medical school so he could move to Africa and set up a hospital where there was great need of medical care. He made a tremendous difference to the people of this forgotten continent and saved thousands of lives. What is something that you can do selflessly that will make a difference to others and provide you with great joy?


by John Maguire

modern health coach intro

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Dear cyber readers of all universal truths, I Brad Mullner am excited to share my views on this forum. I am here to solve problems from cellular to personal to global to hopefully cosmic. I am not satisfied with the current state of affairs in the world and think its time i join the ranks and chime in on the many ways to dramatically improve your health, wellness, vitality, longevity, awareness and harmony with you, your surroundings and your beloved planet Earth and beyond.

I solve problems for myself and others. I am pushing real health care reform for the common person to self empower there life and take their health in their own hands. You are the cure! Don’t believe TV, commercial radio, the news, institutions or even government.  The programming runs deep, don’t believe them.  I hope for the best and expect the worst.  Look ahead and work your way back.

Its simple – take out the bad and put in the good on many levels (physical, chemical, emotional, electrical & spiritual).  People are dynamic and intricate and can get off balance easy. Modern Health Coach practices Touch for Health Kinesiology to assess your specific balance profile. MHC also employs various eastern and western healing modalities to get you back or onto a higher level of well being and happiness. see here

Its up to us to raise our frequency to take courage and accept responsibility of our actions, week in and week out. The water, air and food we ingest, the thoughts we think, the emotions, the stress, the demands, then there is your needs in the mix. Deal with it now or it deals with you later. Pay some (time. money, attention) now or pay a lot more later. Life’s lessons to live by or chaos ensues, You cant escape universal truths. You need to have courage to be fully aware and adjust and keep fine tuning your game. Once you stop growing you die (partially at first), so please keep on keeping on.

But you need the right info to make the most of your efforts and have the best strategy for You in your situation. There is alot of diss and miss information out there to confuse you, so you don’t do anything. Who wins? Not you, you are left holding the bag “your health,” the drug companies, institutions and government win at your expense when you become indebted from health expenses. Don’t be a stat, be a difference!

I plan on informing you all in the coming blog posts, about the incredible breakthroughs in medical science, super food and herbs, nutrition, energy, lifestyle, longevity secrets, quantum physics, earth changes, and ancient truths. I have been researching a higher frequncy for humanity most of my whole life. Recently because I had a health crisis of my own with hip and knee surgeries and I’ve been to hundreds of chirpactoric adjustments since i was 14.

Well to get really well i had to fire my doctors and physical therapists. Take matters into my own hands. Since my knee surgery in 2004 I’ve researched about 20-30 hours a week about health, healing alternatives and free energy. I changed my life! The information i could not sit on. It fixed me through lots of awareness, diligence, patience, passion, work and focus.

There was no option sink or swim. Let me save you the time in correcting your issues. Weather you suffer from mild or serious issues, work with me to work with you. Trust me I will make it well worth your time. MHC has a most comprehensive approach around micro to macro and i have helped dozens of clients in my career. Now i am working for you.

See what im talking about at

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