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Hello all! I hope your well, and all is good. I have some great news to announce this month, some deep Insights to share, all inclusive Spa Retreats available, MHC’s new Assistant Coach for Cash Program, and , three 2-for-1 deals, and as always unbeatable pricing on the top supplement manufacturers. I Promise you will get more value and results on less cash, with you and MHC leading the way!
I have been and intend to, give you more: valuable seeds of health wisdom, insightful awareness articles, practical solutions to major and minor health problems, incredible value on all your supplementation, holistic health services and wellness needs. Please visit my website @ http://www.modernhealthcoach.com (http://www.modernhealthcoach.com/) to start fulfilling your ultimate destiny now.
Full stories are below, these highlights of good news and deals to inspire you onward and upward:
1. Valentines Tip: Love (528Hz) and the Sun’s Photons Increase DNA Replication! This means that by loving and being outside you grow young, making more new cells to replenish your-cell-f so you can enjoy more quality life time – to: live, love, and laugh your life to fulfillments’ content.

2. Modern Health Coach (MHC) Relocates from Venice Beach, CA to Sedona, AZ! Well after 13 years in NYC and LA, I went back to the Rocky Mountains, natures’ beauty, farming and healing communities. Up in the mountains it’s purifying connecting to natural spring water, local food, fresh air and good people. Overall it just feels good in many ways.

3. Big City Life Reflections on Health and Wealth Payoff – I just lived in Manhattan, NYC and West LA for the last 13 years. Society has outpaced itself, to keep you catching up to what? Here are ways for the public at large to get ahead of the looming fiscal and global health cliff.

4. Detox and Rejuvenating, Native & Medi-Spa Retreats for deep healing, transformative, & a full tune-up with MHC now available in AZ. Book 3, 4, 7, and 10 day all inclusive packages, prices range from $500 to $1500. Plus get a free kinesiology balance with a 7 or 10 day stay,

5. MHC Assistant Coach (for Ca$h) Program –You get up to 40% discount as an Assistant Coach on most Products and all Services MHC offers. Plus you will get the mega download of MHC best health strategies and nuggets of wisdom as a goldmine gift of gratitude.

6. CDS Oxy-(next)-gen “Bug Buster” drops 2 FOR 1 SALE – Get the best water purifier on the planet, CDS! Oxygenate your cells via CDS drops throughout day and destroy 99.97 % of all pathogenic microbes (yeast, virus, bacteria, molds). Amazing health curative and water restorative results reported globally! 3000 ppm strength in two 4 oz amber dropper bottles

7. Colloidal Silver 2 FOR 1 SALE – Super tiny particles of 99.97% pure Silver (Ag) suspended in distilled water, at 10+ parts per million (ppm) strength. Silver kills 650 different micro organisms, and has been used since the Greeks in Antiquity. Two 4 oz amber dropper bottles.

8. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) 2 FOR 1 SALE (Food Grade) – DE is basically, odorless, tasteless, crushed shell flour and is 86% Silica (dioxide) a major mineral you need to live. Some of DE’s health benefits include: Helps skin, nails, hair and bones, helps absorb calcium, drops cholesterol 20-30 points, cuts up and kills parasites and worms internally, great bowel cleanser, and detoxifier, binds to metals, teeth whitener… and a lot more benefits. (2) 1lb. bags

9. Ambaya Gold’s Liquid Supplement Line is always 20% OFF. Ambaya gold is a very reputable Sedona manufacturer of a ORME^TM mineral rich, Fulvic and Humic based, formulas for people, pets and soil. I’ve been investing in the Vitamins and Minerals, a 4 month supply for $70 total

10. Health Force Nutritionals’ Best Price Guarantee On full line of TruGanic (way beyond organic) hardcore full spectrum ingredients! National award winning supplement line. Featuring: Vita-Mineral Greens, Earth (roots) 500g, Warrior Protein and Zeolite Detox Clay 1000g are my favorites. I will beat any price! I and others use daily with great results.
Scroll down below for the full scoop and more spot-on details 1through10…enjoy! Pass it on…


1. Valentines’ (arrow) Tip: Love (528Hz) and Sun’s Photons Increases DNA Replication Rate

So now that Cupid’s bow has released the arrows of Good Loving your way, on Saint Valentines’ day. Know this: Modern science has proven that the frequency of Love (528 Hertz) and photons (light particles) from the sun drastically improve your DNA’s ability to replicate new cellular DNA, and hence sustain life. Love and photons notably affects your telomeres, those 23 little strands of DNA that reach across and replicate and make another outer DNA band and hence 2 new cells are formed from 1 cell. You should be making 50 million new cells every second!
In nature, there is no static-state, or still point, that’s stays the same forever, or for very long even. The only constant is change. You are either regenerating (growing young) or degenerating (slowly dying). The magic number for human life is 50 million. Status-quo is a fine line, you are either making more than 50 million cells and regenerating (optimal health) or less than 50 million cells a second, thereby degenerating (aging or oxidizing).
How well you age over time is your ability to regenerate at the cellular level. Your cellular replacement rate over time, varies in accordance with what goes in (food, air, water), and what comes in contact with your energetic and physical body (materials, EMF, sun, ions, people). Regulate the goodness, and negate the negativity, coming your way. You are the co-creator, voice your vision! Fulfilling and manifesting your best destiny provides drive and motivation for more cellular replication and ole revelry for a good clean life helps further your agenda.

2. Modern Health Coach Relocates from Venice, CA to Sedona, AZ!
Greetings… from Sedona, Arizona area, MHC has just recently relocated from Venice Beach, California last month to Rimrock, AZ (20 minutes south of Sedona). There are several reasons why I moved here: good climate, back to nature, fresh air, natural spring water, energy vortexes, amazing landscape, less populated, health conscious locals, good tourism, cheaper to live, native American culture and wisdom, spiritual growth, safe location, and it’s all around a lot healthier than Los Angeles ever will be.
So though I enjoyed my time in LA, and Venice especially, this area suits me more now for what I really want to do. Invoke real health care reform and change as many lives for the best as possible. This is place to take that agenda to the next level. If you’ve never been to northern Arizona then here’s your opportunity…

3. Detox and Rejuvenating, Native &/or Medi-Spa Retreats with Modern Health Coach in AZ
MHC’s blend of Native & Medi-Spa modalities, equipment, knowledge and motivation is no match for your health issues. The natural background energy, and many vortexes here in the Sedona, Arizona area are very conducive for breakthroughs on all fronts! MHC offers you a diverse, unique and effective experience for deep healing and transitions upward. Our new Santa Fe style home space and your private bedroom are a soothing sanctuary and good HQ for our day and night activities.
Book now 3, 4, 7, and 10 day all inclusive packages from $500 to $1,500 total. Plus plenty of MHC extras included: Life stream Generator, Rife frequencies, LEDs, oxygen drops, MHC info, MHC training and lots more. MHC provides Super nutritious meals, juices and snacks so you can do a guided fast, cleanse, MHC detox circuit, hike or bike, sweat lodge, vortex, cultural, historic, geological tours, and native guided spiritual ceremonies. Soo much deep healing on many levels, yet to be thoroughly accepted and enjoyed, by you here. Plus get a free kinesiology balance ($120 value) with a 7 or 10 day stay. Tell me your issues and we can customize your stay, food, cleanses, activities, training, and experience for your best return in self-investment J Best deal in town, getty up on over now ya here

4. MHC Assistant Coach (for Cash) Program
If you are into MHC’s Products, Services & Info then you can make good AND easy money reselling my most Products and all Services MHC offers to your family and friends at up to 40% discount as an Assistant Coach. Make money hooking up your loved ones with value ensured longevity and vitality Products, Services, and FREE Valuable Information. Real change is from the bottom up.
Plus you will get the mega download to your computer of at least a dozen of MHC’s best health strategies and nuggets of wisdom documents and charts to implement in your life right away. Learn to thrive overall and health wise via MHCs perception, protocols and products.
Help spread our mission of healthy balanced: bodies, minds, souls, planet and universe. Love trumps fear. It’s our Age! Email modernhealthcaoch@gmail.com with any questions and for full generous cash opportunity break down sheet details. Now let’s tilt the tides in our favor. Get your Asst Coach code now!
— ——– ———— ————- ————– ———–MHC—————- ————– ————– ——– —— —
THREE 2 FOR 1 SALES! 3: 2-4-1 SALES! Three-Two-for-One SALES! Until St. Patrick’s Day…
Its obvious super germs are on the rise and vaccines don’t work. So you’re left, and rightfully so, to bolster your immune system naturally via being alkaline, oxygenated and loving. So, I’ve combined these three multi-purpose powerhouses to tilt the tide of your interior bio-terrain with bug-busting CDS oxygen drops, age-old Silver and jack-of-all-benefits – “DE” diatomaceous earth. Take your life back and take cellular hygiene, internal cleansing and oxygenation to the next level. It’s easy and (cost) effective.
Get all 3 amazing products now and overwhelm your invisible parasites, microbes, bugs, pests, and all too common acidic anaerobic critters that are sucking the life out of most of the population. Best of all, DE powder, CDS drops, & Silver drops are effective without harsh chemicals or antibiotics.
2 FOR 1 SALE^3 is over St Patty’s day March 17, 2013

5 CDS Oxygen “bug buster” Drops 2 FOR 1 SALE – get the best water purifier on the planet CDS! Use on your 70% bodily water for deep clean! Chlorine Dioxide (ClO[2]) Solution breaks down to salt (NaCl) and 2 double negative oxygen (O ^— — + O ^— —) atoms. Those double negatively (electrical) charged oxygen atoms, is what does all the work in neutralizing positively charged microbes and toxins. Oxygenate your cells and destroy 99.97 % of All Pathogenic Microbes (yeast, virus, bacteria, molds, etc.) even metals.

Really! Google up “MMS and CDS Jim Humble,” is revolutionizing 3^rd world water supplies! In 2001, chlorine dioxide ClO[2] (the gas form of liquid CDS) rid the Capitol building in D.C. of Anthrax as a gas made onsite, and is used in tented homes for mold abatement. It is used commercially in US and EU water purification plants. Now you can safely use to purify your drinking water and bodily water!
Your made of two thirds water, that has (anaerobic and acidic loving) bugs in it guaranteed. So why not use the best water purifier on the planet?…CDS!

CDS is a liquid form you keep in fridge and take 15-30 drops throughout day. It’s strong, but safe when used as directed. Two 4 oz bottles for the price of one! Use internally, on toothpaste or as disinfectant spray. Guaranteed at 3,000 ppm concentration. Enough quantity for two 21 day cycles. Keep refrigerated.

6 Colloidal Silver 2 FOR 1 SALE – in Two 4 oz amber dropper bottles, at 10 parts per million (ppm) strength, made of micro small particles of 99.97% pure silver (Ag), suspended in distilled water. Silver surrounds and suffocates 650 different micro-organisms to death, it’s been used since the Greeks in Antiquity to purify water, food and heal infections. That’s where the silver coin in a jug story originated to sterilize water. Precious metals in many ways for a long time, beauty.
You get two 4 oz bottles for the price of one! Use internally by holding under your tongue for 30 seconds so it goes straight to your blood. Or use as disinfectant spray great for face, hands, bathrooms, airports, stores, schools, and gyms.
Silver is the second best conductor of electricity (your electric), and is used in a wide variety of applications as a sterilizer and sanitizer. Silver is put in shoe inserts, water filters, your mouth, medical devices, it’s just now catching on again after early 1900’s FDA suppression.

7 (Food Grade) Diatomaceous Earth (DE) 2 FOR 1 SALE –DE is basically crushed ancient shell flour and is 86% Silica (dioxide) a major mineral you need to live. Human life can NOT exist without Silica, is a 1950’s Nobel Prize fact! Also silica is the most abundant mineral on the earth’s crust.

Some of DE’s health benefits include: Helps skin, nails, hair, joints and bones, helps absorb calcium, drops cholesterol 20-30 points, cuts up and kills parasites and worms internally, great bowel cleanser, and detoxifier, binds to metals, teeth whitener, etc etc.

“Diatom”aceous Earth is actually “diatoms” (like algae skeleton) from ancient sea beds. DE under a microscope looks like Chex mix or Honeycomb cold breakfast cereals, with a cage shaped, negatively charged, hard outer shell, to trap positively charged toxins from your body. Don’t breathe DE, add it to your water and pets food. It’s tasteless and I use it almost every day, a big tablespoon in the morning first thing, keeps me moving internally and grooving physically!

You get Two 1lb. bags. Also use on: floors and gardens as crawling bugs (fleas, bed & ladybugs) get cut-up and die, or run away. I add it to my 12 yr old pet cat Tenesea’s wet food regularly to keep her worm free, soft coat, joints pain free, and it keeps her puurrrrring day and night.

8 20% OFF all Ambaya Gold’s full line of liquid supplements for humans, gardens and pets.
Ambaya Gold is a premier top liquid supplement company from here in Sedona, Arizona, with all fulvic and humic (geologically crushed plants for best organic mineral source), 83 trace minerals, and mono atomic. This means one atom, you can’t get any better than that, best organic source and one atom = 100% assimilation; so you don’t have expensive pee like other powdered pills!
The trace mineral formula is a must, especially due to recent topsoil depletion and fewer seed strands available today.
Try Ambaya’s special combo-packs (Hydrate, Detox, Replenish) and save more. I’ve been using the Vitamins and Minerals for the last few years and notice the difference instantly on my tongue and mind and over time in my body. A Four months supply is only $36 each! Dentist in a bottle is popular as well.

9 Health Force Nutritionals’ – Best Price Guarantee
On full line of TruGanic (way beyond organic) hardcore full spectrum ingredients! You’ll feel and know the difference once you try Health Force’s National award winning supplement line. Featuring my favorites: Vita-Mineral Greens, Earth (roots), Vitamin C, Maca, Warrior Protein, and Zeolite Detox Clay 1000g. If I don’t have it listed on my site, I sell it, I haven’t posted all Health Force products yet… I will beat any price!
Health Force also recently moved from LA to AZ. Now both my main nutritional supplement manufacturers (Ambaya and HF) are AZ based as am I now, interesting. Coincidence? I think not 😉

10 Big City Life Reflections on Health and Wealth Payoff

If you really truly want to feel truly healthy vibrant and well for the rest of your life, then you have to be aware and selective about what energies and substances you expose your-Self too. What you can’t see (electro smog, pollution/toxins, positive ions, and negative energy) CAN and WILL hurt you, over time! Be aware of your body’s initial response to daily exposures and go with it. If certain substances, situations or places don’t make you feel soo good, then leave the scene of the crime, for healths’ sake. If you don’t take care of your body, then where are you going to live? Honestly…

MHC has lived and worked (as an environmental consultant, music publicist, & MHC) in Manhattan NYC and West LA for the last 13 years. I know firsthand and have seen the people (my friends and associates) in these cities, getting sucked up into the trendy metropolitan lifestyle. They sacrifice their health and/or wealth just to “get ahead”, keep up with the Jones’s, live large, be a weekend warrior, be cool, be entertained, just chill, or just make ends-meat. In the long run the big city life does not add up across the board for human needs.
I know life is demanding and money talks today, but listen to your body’s bottom line, how you feel and perform daily matters most. Then, you can begin to work through obstacles, toward making you feel a lot better, happier and richer in experience and satisfaction. Health is wealth, first things first. Think long term best possible looking way ahead in life, and plan Your Way back to here and now. Then… (drum roll) Connect the dots (in your life). What’s it going take to get you there? Make a list and commit in writing and due by. Try it…
To start, get off the proverbial hamster wheel, it’s not going anywhere fast. Instead of working just to live today, pay bills, or for a presumed golden parachute, how about look at ways to improve your quality of life now (and for future you) by: saving time and money aka trim the non-essential fat from your life, reduce and remove stress, be more self sufficient, have complimentary skilled friends, go green, have free fun in nature, connect to your communities, share with other like minded people in the beauty and deep substance of life – that’s perpetuating meaningful richness galore!
You can tap into it today for FREE… change your perspective and get connected to making you happy via what you surround yourself with in the long run, as far as real quality of life. That is ultimately going, to provide satisfaction and fulfillment in the end. It’s your life, live it, Your (ever evolving) Way!

Be well, take care and blissings to you… until next time… stay tuned in (((((( !!O!! )))))))
Please email me with any questions, comments or complaints… modernhealthcoach@gmail.com (mailto:modernhealthcoach@gmail.com)

Brad Mullner, MHC

PS: Cited references available upon request. Please, do your own research, and consider the source.
Vote for internet freedom, watch congress doesn’t slip it in some other bill. Follow your Action Alerts for email rallies to stop sneaky “anti-liberty” legislation.


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