the Modern Health Coach Affiliate Marketing Program (MHC AMP) Get started get ahead of the Curve…Earn while you Learn

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Dear Health Advocates,

Hello again fine folks! Happy spring cleansing time!  I hope your health is improving with the seasons as you grow young and age gracefully.

FYI: All MHC Products and Services are NOW Commissionable at varying rates up to 30%, set by the 30 Manufacturer’s MHC represents!

I, Brad Mullner your Modern Health Coach (MHC) am very excited to announce, a phenomenal opportunity for YOU … the MHC Affiliate Marketing Program (AMP)!  Help yourself and others by  AMPlifying MHC’s 250 Next Level Holistic Health Products and Services as an Activated MHC Affiliate and Earn up to 30% Commissions for your “referral time, dropping your link” to prospects and clients worldwide. website has 23 shopping categories of health and wellness products A to ZYOU can earn cash commissions and/or store credit on our entire website!!!  You can also use your own referral link to buy for yourself and earn instant refunds after checkout, once approved.

It is FREE to sign up (click here), as an MHC Affiliate you get trained in health, you do not need a website or store to do this, you have an online back office you can track and expand your business, helps your people feel better for longer, and to be Activated only requires Minimal start up:

  • W-9 tax form completed, signed, emailed or mailed to MHC, Half piece of paper in length.
  • email 3 video passwords from 100 minutes of MHC explaining it all to you in 3 videos here,
  • Purchase $50 of MHC products or services once per year using your link to save,
  • Attend live remotely (computer or telephone) on 1 of 50 Wednesday calls per year

Now after 5 years, my holistic hub of a website can be your website/store/holistic hub/etc..  Please utilize some of the best in health solutions and wealth opportunities on this planet and in this reality! Now let’s get this broad sweeping, fine tuned and powerful MHC AMP to work for YOU…


Please join me Brad Mullner your Modern Health Coach

LIVE Webinar every Wednesday at 5 pm PST (8 pm EST).

MHC will spotlight certain shopping categories/ products and portions of his holsitic health plethora each week and why you should care.  Simply go to a few minutes before 5 PM PST/ 8 pm EST and click on the blue HERE (below the sliding banner) for the Webinar access link, look for this text:

Please Click HERE to Join MHC Affiliate Video Conference Training Call

LIVE Wednesday @ 5pm PST.  LEARN while you EARN 3% – 30% Commissions!

You will then be directed to our Ring Central Meeting Application (secure download if first time user).  Ring Central is a great video (or just audio) meeting forum where we will discuss the all NEW and radically improved Modern Health Coach Affiliate Marketing Program (MHC AMP) and get you familiar with the near 250 ways you can feel good while earning money at now as an Activated MHC Affiliate.  The 250 Products (browse all here) you can represent range from $6 to $24,700!

Some of Tonight’s Topics:

  • Learn how to make $50 – $90 per 30 second muscle test
  • Learn the Energy Jewelry and Energy Harmonizers Shopping Categories, and how and the heck they WORK so good for so many applications and they are not plugged in to an electrical outlet.
  • Learn how to talk to people about energy we can NOT see but affects us all and feel comfortable and have breakthroughs with people.
  • Live Q & A at the end with MHC to wrap up the verbal download for your highest good

Your “job” or better yet co-mission is to spread your General Affiliate Link far and wide on-line and in-person to Earn your Commissions you deserve for turning people onto simply better ways to LIVE alive here at  Learn key health tips …. while you earn money back! Nothing to lose but pounds, inches, brain fog, mineral and hormone imbalances, calcification, acidity and toxins to name a few issues MHC can help you and yours to overcome with the proper protocols, procedures and products.

Email me for a copy of the MHC AMP Official Policies & Training Manual and Manufacturer Table to find out what co-mission %’s you can make on your favorite health products and services, right now (if you are Activated).  Get started now and buy off of your own link.  Get your own “health challenge overcome story” started and get sharing your success with others looking to overcome their health challenges.

Let’s talk later tonight folks and if not next week and the week after that! You will learn something I promise and walk away more excited, with loads more opportunity, to shine your brightest yet for as long as possible… 😉


MHC ~ B-Rad

PS.  Got to website main page to join video call or call from telephone. You are invited to a Ring Central Meetings video conference at 8pm EST tonight and every week at!

You do not need a camera to join, though nice to see you.  If you cannot join from a computer, then join from this weeks’ dial-in phone line:


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